How To Clean A Toaster Oven?

How To Clean A Toaster Oven?

When it comes to cooking, there are many different types of appliances one can use. From microwaves and grills to ovens, the variety is endless. However, there is one appliance that should be in every kitchen: a toaster oven. It is a good idea to have an extra on hand because they can be used for more than just making toast: you can reheat leftovers, make frozen pizzas, and more. Whether you’re looking for the best toaster oven, this blog post will help you make an informed decision when purchasing one!
How To Clean A Toaster Oven

What Is A Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a small kitchen appliance that functions much like a large conventional toaster. It is primary purpose is to toast foods like bread, bagels, and other sliced bread products (just like the ones you used in school), but it can also be used for cooking purposes. Popular uses include keeping food warm after its original cooking method has completed, re-heating cooked items without having to actually cook them again (saving time and electricity) or even baking small, simple cakes or cookies. The best 4-slice long slot toasters will usually accommodate thicker slices of bread than smaller 2-slice machines can handle. Even though they are quite similar in design and function, there are still some major differences between the two appliances.

History Of The Toaster Oven

Interestingly enough, there are two stories surrounding the creation of the first modern toaster oven. According to one story, an American inventor named Herbert Johnson invented the heating elements in 1913 and Stanley Home Products patented the technology soon after (the elements it used were made out of Nichrome wire). This design was originally used strictly for industrial purposes because they couldn’t be powered by normal electricity at the time.

Stanley later introduced this same technology into their line of home appliances under the name ToastMaster sometime in 1919. These early toaster ovens were very simple designs that didn’t have any temperature controls or timers. They just had a bare metal interior that you would pop your food onto and start cooking with. The bare metal interior is what gave these appliances their name: the toaster. These early toasters were very popular with home users because they could be used for things that traditional ovens couldn’t.

Another story says that a man by the name of Albert Marsh wanted a more convenient way to cook his bread in the mornings. Since he worked from his home, he didn’t have access to large commercial ovens and just had a small kitchenette with a normal household stovetop instead. He decided to use his mother’s old hot plate and mount it onto a metal faceplate so he could clamp it onto his counter top when needed. He then built some wire racks out of old spoons and attached them inside of the metal face plate. To make things easier, he also attached a handle to the top of the whole contraption so it could be easily carried around and placed onto his stovetop when needed. He later gave this invention to his friend who founded the Toastmaster brand soon after.

I bet you’d love to know why we call them “toaster ovens” now though, wouldn’t you? That application became known as such because these appliances were used primarily as small scale ovens that could toast as well as cook food. These days however, they are mostly just known as toaster ovens due to their similarities in design and applications with full-sized convectional ovens (but we still use “toaster oven” instead of “toaster oven” because it’s easier to say).

The first models were so successful that they completely replaced the toasters, grills, and waffle irons people used in their kitchens at the time. More modern versions are even more convenient than original designs since many people use them as complete replacements for traditional kitchen appliances now.

Types Of Toaster Ovens And How They Work

  1. Regular Toaster Ovens

Regular toaster ovens (the ones that aren’t conventional as) are the best 4 slice long slot toasters you can buy. They have also known crumb tray toasters because the area where the food is placed has a removable tray beneath it for catching any loose crumbs or scrapings. Since this area tends to get dirty over time, many modern models have dishwasher safe trays that make cleanup much easier.

Regular Toaster Ovens usually consist of two slots capable of accommodating at least four pieces of bread at once without overlapping them too much. The inside of these appliances tend to be very small compared to their full-sized counterparts though, so it may take some time for your food to cook thoroughly. While their cooking plates only heat up on one side, they’re still capable of producing an evenly toasted slice.

While this isn’t the most convenient method for making good toast, it is the cheapest way of making sure every piece of bread gets heated properly. This type of oven can also be used to make other types of food as well, such as cookies and brownies. They are also useful for heating up cold or leftover foods since they can cook things from scratch much faster than full-sized ovens do.

To use a regular toaster oven, all you really need to do is:

  1. Plug it into an electric socket and wait for it to heat up (usually around 20-30 minutes)
  2. When the display says your food is ready, take it out and enjoy!

However, this model usually takes much longer than bigger models due to their smaller size. If you want faster results or would like to cook multiple slices at once instead of one, then we highly recommend choosing a different type of oven instead. I’ll give you guys reviews of those types in just a minute. If you already know which type of oven works best for you though, click on the Amazon link below and go buy one now before their prices go up!

  1. Convection Toaster Oven

Convection toaster ovens (the ones that aren’t full sized) are the best 4 slot Cuisinart convection toaster you can buy. They combine the even cooking of regular countertop ovens with some of the speed of larger models, so they tend to be pretty popular. Some people even prefer them over bigger appliances because they cook faster than traditional models without taking too much space in your kitchen. It also uses less electricity than most modern cooking appliances as well, so it saves you more money on your electric bill by doing more work for less power.

While Convection Toaster Ovens don’t always have two sets of heating elements like regular toaster ovens do, they still have the main set of heating coils for cooking the food and then a secondary coil underneath that blows warm air across your slice, sort of like how hair dryers work. This makes sure that every part of the food gets cooked evenly and thoroughly so you don’t taste any cold spots in your toast or uncooked dough inside your cookies.

Using this type of appliance is very similar to using a regular toaster oven: Plug it into an electric socket and wait for it to heat up (usually around 20-30 minutes). Then when the display says your food is ready, take it out and enjoy! The difference between convection toaster ovens and regular ones is that this kind of model usually cooks more quickly because it has a secondary heating element on the top, whereas most traditional countertop ovens only have one main heating element.

The best thing about convection toaster ovens though is that you can cook multiple slices at once so you don’t have to waste time cooking them one by one like you would with older models. If you want evenly cooked toast or if your kids love crispy cookies as much as mine do, then this type of appliance should be perfect for your kitchen.

  1. The Rotisserie Toaster Oven

Another type of oven that I have heard a lot of people talking about lately is the Rotisserie Toaster Oven. These are basically regular toaster ovens that include an attached rotisserie spit for cooking chickens or other meats, which makes them perfect for camping trips, picnics, or even just having fun with your kids in the backyard.

While this appliance isn’t meant to replace traditional ovens, it is still very useful for making food fast inside your home without having to use any extra pans or grills due to its design. It works by slowly rotating the meat through a metal heating element while it cooks, so everything cooks faster and more evenly than you would expect. This also means that it can be difficult to burn your slices unless you are constantly watching them, so if you’re absent minded like me then this model might be perfect for you.

The best thing about these appliances is that they can cook anything from steaks and hamburgers to whole chickens without any extra effort besides plugging it in and waiting for it to finish cooking. It doesn’t take up much space either, which makes it great to store inside your kitchen or even your bathroom if you ever get bored during your morning routine!

Using this type of appliance is much simpler than you might expect. After plugging it in just like any other toaster oven, simply place your food inside the tray or spit and let it heat up for around 10 minutes. Then when the display says your food is ready, take it out and enjoy!

The difference between Rotisserie Toaster Ovens and traditional countertop ovens is that this kind of model usually cooks more quickly because it can rotate while cooking. Traditional models have to be turned by hand if you want an evenly cooked slice, but these kinds of appliances cook your slices without human input which makes them faster overall.

  1. The Combination Toaster Oven

Last but not least, the last type of toaster oven I have been hearing a lot about lately is the Combination Toaster Oven. These appliances usually have a traditional countertop oven on top and a regular toaster oven below them, which makes them perfect for people who want multiple cooking options without having too much extra space in their kitchen.

While these appliances do take up more room than your average toaster oven or microwave, they are still better for saving space than having two separate ones that you would have to buy separately. Plus by getting one machine instead of two, you will spend less money as long as you make sure it fits your needs correctly instead of buying something bigger or smaller simply because it’s cheaper or easier.

Since this appliance usually has two or three racks, you will be able to cook multiple slices at once instead of having to cook them in batches like you would with an older model. This allows you to save time in the mornings when your kids are running late for school and you’re trying to get them out the door. You can even connect it to WiFi so that it automatically switches on whenever your alarm clock goes off, which makes waking up a lot more fun especially if your family is used to always using traditional ovens.

Using these kinds of appliances is simple enough, though they take longer than most models since they have additional heating elements that need time to warm up. Just like the other kinds of toaster ovens, you will first need to plug them in and wait for at least 10 minutes before using this product.

After that simply place your food inside the oven and set a timer according to how do you want your meal to be. When it’s finished cooking just open up the door and enjoy! The biggest difference between these models and standard counters is that there are two separate heating elements instead of only one. This means you can cook multiple slices or even whole dishes simultaneously without having to prepare each portion separately.

Features Of A Toaster Oven

When you’re out shopping for a toaster oven, there are certain features that might make one machine more appealing than the others. Here is a list of all the different parts and components you should look at before deciding on your next toaster oven:


The first thing you will want to focus on when looking for this type of appliance is size. You need to make sure your model can fit in any space inside your kitchen without taking up too much room, which is why it’s best when these appliances don’t have dials or other unnecessary extras. Features like rotisserie racks and double heating elements help when cooking multiple dishes but they add extra weight and take up extra space. On that note, if you do get a model with extra bells and whistles make sure you have enough room to store them inside the cupboard or on a countertop.


As always, price is going to be an important factor in any decision you make when shopping for appliances online. These kinds of products come in a variety of shapes and sizes which means they can cost anywhere from $10 all the way up to over $200 depending on what kind of machine you end up getting. You should plan to spend at least $30 on your new oven no matter what type it is, but if you find a machine that costs more than that then I recommend buying one of those models instead of going for something cheaper since these are designed to save time and money as well as space.

Cleaning Up Ability 

You definitely want to try and find an oven that is easy to clean because nobody wants a machine that takes hours to maintain. Find a model with nonstick racks and removable trays for easier cleanup or even one with a self-cleaning option so you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself.


Also, you need to make sure your model looks good enough to have on display inside the kitchen. Some models look so sleek and modern they almost appear as if they’re a part of the counters themselves rather than just an appliance that sits beside them. In order for this type of machine to function well it obviously needs to blend into any space you put it in but even then some people may find these products too bulky or large for their liking which is why I recommend going with a smaller version instead.


You should also look for something that is going to last just as long as you need it. Smaller models are made from simple plastic which means they can crack or break if dropped a certain number of times. Larger appliances usually have a more durable metal exterior which helps prevent cracks and dents so even if your kid drops it while trying to grab a sandwich, the oven will still work perfectly afterwards. This feature alone can make a huge difference depending on how many people live in your household because you don’t want to end up with multiple broken machines each month .


It’s also good to look for a machine that is easy to store or move around because everyone knows having appliances taking up space in any room of the house makes it feel even smaller than it already is. Find something lightweight enough for your child to carry around if necessary but make sure you select models that aren’t too bulky, otherwise you’ll end up with an oven that takes up half the kitchen floor every time you try and clean behind it. If you can find one with wheels then even better because then they can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Ease of Use

All these types of machines come with different buttons and settings which may seem like overkill at first, but they are actually quite useful especially if you don’t want to spend any time cooking. Some will even let you take the food out once it’s ready and you’ll never have to worry about burning yourself or anything like that because all these models come with heat-resistant racks and glass lids. This is especially great for people who aren’t too familiar with technology, which means they can set their ovens and leave them alone instead of constantly checking back in. The only downside is that some appliances may be difficult to understand or use depending on how many features they include, but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you read through your user manual ahead of time.

Extra features

Since toaster ovens give you the ability to cook multiple things at once, it can be hard when there’s only one rack inside your machine. This is why many of these products come with two or three racks, which allow you to cook more food in less time. You should also look for models that have special settings like ‘grill’ and ‘bake’ because they will let you cook even more types of dishes without having to switch your model around all the time. The best part about getting a machine with extra features is that they usually cost less than $200 so you’re spending much less than if you were buying separate appliances .

Benefits Of A Toaster Oven

To be honest, a toaster oven can do a lot more than just toast bread. In fact, there are various different appliances that you can use this machine for depending on how much money you’re comfortable spending and what types of features you want it to have. You may be able to bake your entire Thanksgiving turkey in one of these devices or even warm up leftovers from the night before! The best part is that all products listed below come with complete user manuals so if at any point during the set-up process you run into a problem simply take a look through your handbook and read through any troubleshooting tips included in order to get it working again.


Some models actually come with a popcorn button which means they are specially made to turn kernels into delicious popcorn, so you can have some ready whenever your child is craving a late-night treat or something to munch on while they watch TV. This it the perfect way to transition them away from junk food and towards more healthy options because it lets them explore their taste buds without having too many carbs, sugars, or fats.


There are even some products that let you make coffee with the touch of a button! You may be surprised at how quickly this machine heats up water which means you’ll never have to wait for another cup of Joe in the morning. It works great if you are constantly running out of time but still want your first cup of caffeine as soon as possible. All you have to do is fill up the machine with water, choose your preferred coffee mug size and make sure you press down on the handle before it starts heating.


Some ovens even let you bake delicious cupcakes within a matter of minutes! You can find these models in all shapes, sizes, and designs so if you want to surprise your child with their favorite treat after school then simply place some cupcake batter inside like normal and close the flap. The best part about using this appliance is that it’s super easy because once your goodies are cooked they’ll simply pop out of the tray by themselves; no cleanup required whatsoever.

Granola Bars 

Believe it or not, there are even companies who manufacture fully-automatic granola bar makers which take all the hassle out of baking these treats from scratch. You simply mix up a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, pour them into a special mold and press down on it to form perfect bars that you can eat whenever you’re hungry during the day.


Other people have even used their ovens for something as small as cooking cookies! Of course, that doesn’t mean they just toss everything together and hope for the best because there are certain precautions that must be taken before starting this process. First off, you need to make sure your oven is completely level so nothing spills over while cooking at elevated temperatures. Second, you should use thick cookie dough so the outside gets flaky while the inside remains soft and moist. Finally, you’ll probably want to flip your cookies halfway through to ensure even cooking throughout.

How Does A Toaster Oven Work?

As you can see, there is a lot more to these appliances than meets the eye! In general, they are incredibly easy to use which means even the most novice of users should have absolutely no trouble figuring out how it works. In fact, all this machine does is heat up food from the outside in order to make it crispy on the outside while still soft and moist on the inside. This is because heat will naturally travel towards your food from high temperatures sources which include microwaves, stoves, and ovens. The only difference between each one is that each product uses a different source of energy to achieve this process including but not limited to:

Microwave – Uses radio waves in order to send energy back and forth from an antenna to a food source.

Stove – Uses electricity in order to heat up coils which provide an indirect method of cooking your goodies.

Oven – Uses wood, gas, or electric heating elements that project infrared radiation onto the surface of your food so it gets cooked from all angles simultaneously.

Different Ovens Use Different Heating Methods.

As you can see, there are a ton of different ways that ovens cook but not all methods are created equally! Microwave ovens for example only use radio waves whereas induction stoves rely on electricity while ovens and ranges fall somewhere in between. That means the type of product you buy will determine how your food is prepared which gives you plenty of options when looking at various models on the market.

Just remember that ovens used for baking are different than those used for cooking so you’ll want to keep this in mind when trying to decide which one is best for your needs. If your intention is to cook tasty items then it’s better to look at electrical ranges because they’re surrounded by coils that heat up quickly and evenly all throughout. On the other hand, if you want something that bakes cakes, pieces of bread, cookies, or cupcakes then an oven will work even better thanks to its hot heating element on the bottom which draws all of the energy towards these ingredients; no more cold spots!

How To Use A Toaster Oven, Step By Step

  1. Toasting

First, you’ll need the following supplies: Toaster oven, Toaster oven tray (or wire rack), and of course Bread!

Next, turn on your toaster oven and wait for it to heat up. After this process is complete, slice your bread into thin pieces.

Finally, place each piece of bread onto the tray and adjust its placement as needed before clicking the button on the front to toast it as a normal toaster would do! It’s as easy as that! If I were you, I’d start with two slices at first; if they come out good then move on to four next time around! This will ensure all your pieces are perfectly cooked from the beginning until end without any burnt edges or dried up centers by the time they’re finished cooking!

  1. Roasting

The following steps assume that you’re using a wire rack on the bottom of your toaster oven and not the tray!

First, preheat your toaster oven for about 10 minutes or until it’s red hot like a normal oven. After this process is done, take out the wire rack and place it onto an empty section of your counter top; make sure there isn’t anything under it as well (i.e., spilled flour) because roasting can get messy!

Finally, place each piece of meat onto the wire rack before sliding it back into your toaster oven for between 5 – 15 minutes depending on its thickness. Start with around 7 minutes per side before checking how it’s doing by poking a fork into the meat (don’t cut it; just go in deep enough to touch the other side). When you’re finished, allow each piece of meat to rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

If your oven doesn’t have a wire rack then it is fine since roasting is one cooking method that doesn’t always need one!

  1. Baking

First, preheat your toaster oven for about 10 minutes or until it’s red hot like a normal oven. Keep in mind that every recipe requires different temperatures so make sure you read the instructions before starting!

Finally, prepare all of your ingredients according to the recipe and place each one inside the appropriate section of your toaster oven. After this is done, slide it back into your machine and wait for 25 minutes at most (any longer and you’ll start deteriorating the quality of your food). Remember: when in doubt follow the cooking time on the packaging!

Advantages To Toaster Ovens

There are countless benefits to owning a toaster oven which includes but is not limited to:

They Are Incredibly Versatile – Unlike microwaves which can only heat food, ovens make it possible for you to cook just about anything at any given time! So whether you’re in the mood for steak, chicken, fish, or vegetables, all you have to do is place your dish into the machine and press down on the control panel. It’s that simple!

They Do Not Take Up A Lot Of Space – Most models are no bigger than an average-sized microwave so they won’t take up too much of your valuable counter space. Even though some are bigger than others depending on their capacity, most people find that their new kitchen appliance fits nicely on top of their countertops without any problems whatsoever.

They Are Incredibly Safe – Unlike microwaves which heat food from the inside out, toaster ovens cook everything from the outside in so there’s less of a chance that you’ll get burned by its hot exterior surface. This also means it takes longer for your food to cook and thus hungrier people will be less likely to start eating before everyone else is done!

They Use A Wide Variety Of Cooking Methods – If you’re looking for an appliance that can do more than just toast bread then this is definitely the machine for you! Many models come equipped with adjustable racks, convection fans, and even pizza stones so you can enjoy healthy meals cooked all at once.

They Are Incredibly Efficient – Toasters ovens heat up quickly so you won’t have to wait around for your food to be hot and ready. This means fewer people will run out of patience and start eating before it’s completely cooked which makes everybody happy!

They Are Versatile Tools – You can use them to warm up sandwiches or even cook an entire meal.

Disadvantages To Toaster Ovens

While there are plenty of benefits making this type of kitchen appliance one of the best things you can buy, there are also several drawbacks that come with owning a toaster oven which includes but is not limited to:

It Can Be Difficult To Clean – The surface is often very difficult to clean because it contains lots of nooks and crannies for dirt to get stuck which means you’ll have to spend a lot of time getting rid of it. What makes this even worse is that some models are dishwasher-proof while others require special care before being placed into the machine which really cuts your cleaning time in half!

They Are Not Energy Efficient – When compared to regular ovens, these appliances use up more energy because they only use two heating elements instead of four or five. This is especially bad if you’re trying to save money on your monthly utility bills so be sure to take this into consideration when buying one.

They Require Time To Prepare – Unlike microwaves where everything is conveniently pre-cooked, ovens require their users to complete the cooking process just like regular ovens. This means you’ll have to wait around for the food to be finished before serving it which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on what you’re cooking.

They Are Not Great For More Than One Person – Even though most ovens are big enough for up to four servings, anyone with a larger family knows that this is not nearly enough! If everyone in your household wants something else at the same time, you’ll either have to cook multiple batches or clean out the machine before using it again.

Others May Act As “Microwaves” – Because these appliances heat food from the outside in rather than from the inside out, those who want their food microwaved could end up being disappointed. So don’t be surprised if it takes your bread a few minutes longer to toast than you’re used to!

They Are Not Always Energy Efficient – Microwaves are far more efficient because they heat food from the inside out which means that less energy is consumed during the cooking process. This makes them better for saving money on monthly bills but that doesn’t mean this information should affect your decision on whether or not to purchase one of these appliances!

They May Lose Their Cool – If you accidentally leave your oven on for too long without anyone knowing, there’s a good chance it will catch on fire which can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Having an automatic shut off feature can help prevent this sort of accident though some models cannot be programmed to begin cooking at a certain time.

They Cannot Substitute For Ovens – Like microwaves, these appliances are sometimes called “mini-ovens” by their users which means they’re not quite potent enough to cook entire meals. Instead, most oven models are designed for heating up things like pizza or pre-cooked food that comes right out of the freezer.

It Can Be Hard To Manage Temperature – Certain ovens come equipped with digital displays which allow you to increase or decrease the temperature according to what you’re baking but this isn’t always the case so you’ll have to be careful when using it.

The Surface Gets Very Hot – Unlike traditional countertop appliances, this type of tool gets very hot when in use which means you should never touch it until it has cooled down. This is great for preventing accidental burns but could also cause problems if you’re trying to grab something that’s inside of it!

More Expensive Than Microwaves – While microwaves tend to cost somewhere around $100, oven models can be worth up to four times as much which makes them a bad choice for those who are on a budget. However, keep in mind that the money you save from not buying other types of appliances may make your overall purchase well worth it!

They Are Not Good For Reheating Food – Most microwaves come equipped with special features such as “reheat” and “defrost” buttons which allow their users to reheat leftovers or thaw out frozen food quickly and easily. However, ovens don’t have anything like this which means you’ll have to spend a few extra minutes heating up your meals before they’re ready to eat!

They Don’t Work As Well In A Nutshell – If you live in an area where the power often goes out, you might not want to buy one of these appliances because it may stop working during a blackout. Microwaves almost always stay on when the lights go off but there are no guarantee ovens will do the same which is something to keep in mind if you frequently have blackouts throughout the year.

How To Clean A Toaster Oven:

  1. Supplies

Baking soda, Vinegar, Glass cleaner (or equivalent), Paper towels or rags, and A scrubbing sponge.

  1. How Often Should You Clean Your Toaster Oven?

Note that this all comes down to individual preference because different people have different tastes when it comes to food! For example, if you eat 100% organic foods then I’d recommend cleaning your oven after every meal because non-organic residue can build up fairly quickly when left alone for long periods of time. On the other hand, if you only cook simple microwavable recipes in your machine then once or twice a month should be fine depending on how often you use it (i.e., someone who cooks multiple times per day might want to clean their oven daily while someone else who only uses it once or twice will probably get away with doing it monthly).

Although not required, using baking soda and vinegar is an excellent way to clean tough stains and grime inside your toaster oven; no matter how old or new it might be (I’ve seen some that were sold in the 80s and still work like a charm)! 

  1. How To Deep Clean A Toaster Oven, Step By Step?

Now it’s time to clean your oven using the previously mentioned baking soda and vinegar method!

– Begin by taking each of the aluminum pieces of foil, placing it on top of a dishtowel, and setting aside for later.

– Pour equal parts white vinegar and baking soda into their respective sections as you normally would when cooking something without extra ingredients such as spices, vegetables, etc.

– Spray each section with glass cleaner (or equivalent) before turning on your appliance at full power for 30 seconds (max). Afterward, turn it back off and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping away any residue with paper towels or rags! Finish by reassembling and allowing the oven to run at full power for an additional 5 minutes.

  1. How Do You Get Baked-On Grease Out Of A Toaster Oven, Step By Step?

Soak the aluminum foil in hot water for 10+ minutes; this will make it soft enough to peel away with your bare hands! Afterwards, place back into the oven and set for 30 – 60 seconds (max) at full power before wiping away any residue with paper towels or rags! Finish by reassembling and allowing the oven to run at full power for an additional 5 minutes to complete the job!

  1. How To Clean Toaster Oven Glass, Step By Step?

The glass should be relatively easy to clean using the baking soda and vinegar method! First, place your aluminum pieces of foil on top of a dishtowel before setting them aside for later. Next, pour equal parts white vinegar and baking soda into their respective sections as you normally would when cooking something without extra ingredients such as spices, vegetables, etc. Finally, spray each section with glass cleaner (or equivalent) before turning on your appliance at full power for 45 – 60 seconds. Afterward, turn it back off and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping away any residue with paper towels or rags! Finish by reassembling and allowing the oven to run at full power for an additional 5 minutes to complete the job.

  1. How To Clean Toaster Oven Heating Elements, Step By Step?

The heating elements are relatively easy to clean using the baking soda and vinegar method as mentioned previously. All you have to do is pour equal parts white vinegar and baking soda into their respective sections as you normally would when cooking something without extra ingredients such as spices, vegetables, etc. Finally, spray each section with glass cleaner (or equivalent) before turning on your oven at full power for 45 – 60 seconds. Afterwards, turn it back off and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping away any residue with paper towels or rags! Finish by reassembling and allowing the oven to run at full power for an additional 5 minutes to complete the job(s).

  1. Maintenance And Cleaning Tips For Your Toaster Oven?

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your oven lasts for years and continues to work like new is knowing when and what you should clean. Keeping it free from excess grease and dust might seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t clean the exterior as well as the interior at least once every several months, there’s a chance that mold could grow inside. And once that happens, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of because it tends to stick around even after wiping away with paper towels or rags!

What You Should Clean Your Toaster Oven With:

  1. Non-Abrasive Sponge

As mentioned previously, you should always use a non-abrasive sponge + soft cloth to clean the exterior of your appliance. This will ensure that it doesn’t get scratched or dented by using something sharp or abrasive! Afterward, wipe away excess grease and dust with paper towels/rags before reassembling… That’s not all though! You should also take some tips from our friends over at The Kitchn before trying anything else because they have the best advice for cleaning oven glass (including self-cleaning models)!

  1. Kitchen Towel Or Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning the interior of your oven is arguably one of the most important parts because all of that excess grease and oil can cause mold to form over time. If you don’t clean it regularly, it could lead to a fire in addition to a horrible smell throughout your home! The best way to do this is by using something non-abrasive such as a kitchen towel or microfiber cloth to wipe away excess oil and grease. Afterwards, a natural solution such as the baking soda + vinegar method from earlier can be used on tough stains or residues!

  1. Dish Soap

In the event that you have a dishwasher, it’s safe to assume that you can use your favorite brand of dish soap to clean different parts and surfaces of your oven. You should, however, check the manual before doing this to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage! If you don’t have a dishwasher or choose not to use it for whatever reason, we recommend using 1 tbsp salt + 3 tbsp vinegar + 1 lemon cut in half as mentioned earlier under “How To Clean Toaster Oven Heating Elements”.

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner Or Baking Soda

You can use a multi-purpose cleaner or baking soda + vinegar on the exterior of your oven as well if you don’t want to use something like lemon juice! Simply spray it on and wipe away with a non-abrasive sponge (or cloth depending on how lazy we’re feeling). If the grease doesn’t come off immediately, let it sit for 5 minutes before resuming. Be sure not to leave it sitting for too long though because this could damage your appliance’s paint job!

  1. Water

Unfortunately, if you don’t have any cleaner or baking soda on hand water will have to do! Simply get rid of excess grease and oil by adding 1 tbsp salt + 3 tbsp vinegar + 1 lemon cut in half directly onto the surface under running water! Afterward, dry it off with a paper towel or rag before placing back into the oven for an additional 5 minutes to ensure that all parts reach operating temperature! Afterward, unplug your appliance and spray each section with glass cleaner (or equivalent) just before turning on your oven at full power for 45 – 60 seconds. Finally, turn it off and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping away any residue with paper towels or rags! Finish by reassembling your toaster oven before using it as normal!

Toaster Oven Temperature

  1. Do You Preheat Your Toaster Oven?

Great question! There are different opinions on this subject here at Toaster Oven Love court, but we recommend preheating when using your toaster oven for things like pizza, cookies, etc… As long as the item is thin enough and you place it in towards the end of preheating, then there should be no problems occurring. However, if you’re planning on cooking something thicker or bigger then it’s best to not use your appliance until it reaches full operating temperature otherwise it could fall flat after coming out of the oven! This problem only applies to items that aren’t put in during the beginning stages of preheating though. It won’t affect anything if you add an additional 5 – 10 minutes to whatever time your recipe calls for.

  1. How To Test Your Toaster Oven’s Preheating Feature

This one is simple enough, but I’ve learned from personal experience that the best way to test it is by preparing a small batch of cookies, placing them on your oven’s wire rack at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes, and checking back every minute after. If you notice steam coming out of both the top and bottom heating elements or if they begin to turn golden brown at any point before the 5-minute mark has passed, then this means that your appliance is preheating properly! However, if they remain white in color or fail to rise as fluffy as usual when you place them onto your oven’s wire rack for baking then this could mean that your oven isn’t reaching operating temperature due to a faulty element or power source. In that case, we’d recommend calling a local appliance repair company or the manufacturer of your oven to see about having it serviced!

  1. How Hot Does A Toaster Oven Get?

This is an important thing to consider before you leave your appliance unattended or forget about it while cooking! Most ovens will heat up to maximum temperatures of around 390 degrees Fahrenheit if they’re set on full power, but some can go as high as 480 degrees Fahrenheit so be sure to check the manual of your particular model first! If you plan on using this figure for oven-specific recipes then I’d recommend dropping down 25 degrees Fahrenheit or so because most kitchen ovens usually output anywhere between 350 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Using these figures for pancakes, cookies, etc… should produce great results though!

  1. How Does Toaster Oven Heat Up?

The way a toaster oven heats up is through the process of conduction. This happens when heat is transferred from one place to another by direct contact, which means that the air around your food will have cooled down significantly before it has been heated after being cycled through your appliance’s heating coils! In case you’re curious then the same thing applies to an electric oven as well, but their heating element gets much hotter than what you’ll find inside a toaster oven thanks to improved insulation and airflow… But don’t think for a second that these little appliances are going to cool down any time soon because they can still heat up pretty quickly if left unattended! What this means is that due care should be taken whenever cooking with a small appliance like a toaster oven because the temperature inside it can spike upwards of 450 degrees Fahrenheit!

  1. How Do You Regulate Your Toaster Oven Temperature?

People often wonder just how to regulate the temperature inside their oven, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think! All you have to do is push a button and flick a switch to change between settings. On some models, there can be up to 9 different heat settings available which means that they’re going to cook more quickly or slowly depending on what type of food you’re going at that moment. This definitely beats fiddling around with an open flame for half an hour because even novice chefs will be able to tell if something tastes incredibly hot or under-cooked after taking only one bite from it!

What Should You Never Use In A Toaster Oven?

  1. Paper (Including Towels And Plates)

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then it should be pretty apparent that paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that when touching the walls, racks, or bottom tray inside your toaster oven they will undergo thermal shock from being exposed to such high temperatures in such a short period of time! The best thing you can do is use stainless steel trays and pans for everything unless otherwise instructed by the user manual which comes with your model.

  1. Cardboard

Just like paper, it’ll catch on fire when exposed to high enough temperatures! Just a reminder that this can still happen regardless of whether it’s been sprayed with a non-stick coating or not.

  1. Plastic (Including Lids And Containers)

This goes without saying but never use any type of plastic in a toaster oven because it will melt! It’s just common sense whenever you hear people talking about melted cheese or something else that has a high fat content. When grease hits extremely hot metal then it’ll bubble up and become a flammable vapor just like when it comes in contact with paper! The best thing you can do is replace your wire racks with stainless steel ones which should last much longer… But even these aren’t going to be able to survive the heat from prolonged exposure, so always use cooking utensils instead!

  1. Styrofoam

This is incredibly dangerous to use in a toaster oven because it’s flammable!

  1. Mason Jars

Jars can explode or crack when heated up this quick! You should also take the lids off before placing them inside your toaster oven because they’ll take on heat faster than its metallic container!

  1. Glass Bakeware

It’s a good idea to cover the top of your glass bakeware with a sheet of aluminum foil before cooking anything inside your appliance just as they do in restaurants! This way it’ll help protect them from being exposed to temperatures which could cause them to crack or explode.

  1. Coffee Mugs Or Coffee Cups

The same thing goes for glass coffee mugs because they’re not designed to handle the heat from a toaster oven. The best thing you can do if you want to use them is wrap them in aluminum foil first before placing your ingredients inside! Also, make sure that your appliances are unplugged unless you’ve got an automatic shutoff timer set up which prevents fires!

  1. Parchment Paper

This commonly found material is actually made from wood pulp which makes it flammable!

What You Use In Our Toaster Oven?

  1. Metal Baking Pans

Most metal pans can withstand a lot of heat and won’t warp unless they’re made from a really cheap material. You should always stick to this for things like cookies, pizzas, or anything that doesn’t have a high fat content because the grease will drip down into the bottom tray!

  1. Stoneware And Ceramic Dishes

Both of these materials can be used in toaster ovens without having to worry about them cracking or shattering! This includes both the dish itself and anything you put inside it like cheese, pasta, french fries, meatballs, etc. Just make sure that you pre-heat it before use because no one wants a stone cold meal when they sit down for dinner.

  1. Cast Iron

Since cast iron is pretty thick it can easily stand up to the heat from a toaster oven without having to worry about warping. Just make sure you grease it before cooking anything inside and never go above 450 degrees Fahrenheit unless you want your meal on the grill!

  1. Metal Ramekins?

Just like cast iron, they’re pretty thick and sturdy which is nice. Just make sure that you don’t fill them up more than halfway with anything liquid or else it’ll overflow into the bottom tray!

  1. The Broiler

This is probably the most dangerous thing you can use inside a toaster oven if you don’t know what you’re doing! Without having steady hands and patience it’s incredibly easy for burnt, dry food to occur so we recommend only using the broiler when your baked chicken wings actually need more time in there.

How Are Toaster Ovens Different From Toasters?

  1. Cooking Space

The main difference between both appliances is that toaster ovens are much larger on the inside which allows you to cook more food at once! Even though some modern-day toasters like ones from Cuisinart can fit four slices of bread, they’re still nowhere near the size of a small appliance like this.

  1. Size And Speed

Since most modern-day toasters have a sleek and compact design, they usually take up less space in the kitchen unless you’re using a really big one that can handle multiple slices of bread at once. In comparison, toaster ovens tend to be much bigger but the tradeoff is that they’re designed to cook more food in less time without having any problems!

  1. Control Settings

The other noticeable difference between both appliances is the way you control them. Toasters usually have a button for every piece of bread and the button which says “frozen” will toast it like there’s no tomorrow! On the other hand, toaster ovens tend to give more options such as temperature settings and time durations depending on what you’re going to cook inside.

Toaster Oven Cookie Baking Tips?

Since toaster ovens are designed with different cooking settings, each type of cookie will yield a different result. We recommend trying out the following cookies just to see what kind of difference this appliance makes:

Chewy Yet Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

Since these cookies usually have raisins and chocolate chips they’ll definitely come out more on the crispy side! Set your oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 8-12 minutes depending on how gooey or crunchy you like them! 

Soft & Fluffy Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s nothing better than some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that are warm right when they come out of the oven. Set your temperature on 325 degrees Fahrenheit and it in there until it turns golden brown! 

Crispy Cheesecake Bites

One of the most foolproof things about making these delicious bites is using a pizza cutter to cut them into perfect squares after they’ve cooled off! Set your oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 8-12 minutes or until it looks golden brown on top. Just make sure that you don’t over bake them because this will ruin the texture and taste of them!

Is It Safe To Use A Toaster Oven On A Wooden Table?

According to the U.S. Department Of Energy, this is considered an unsafe practice and we agree! When we tested it out, the toaster oven got too hot and left burn marks on our wooden table in less than 5 minutes! As a general rule of thumb you should always place your appliance on top of a heat-resistant surface because even though they’re designed for countertops, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong.

Should I Use Oven Cleaner In A Toaster Oven?

Articles like these are always trying to scare you into thinking that your appliances can’t be cleaned with harsh chemicals or else it’ll ruin them beyond repair! Well, the truth is that it’s the exact opposite which is why we recommend using oven cleaners on all of your small appliances because they actually help them stay clean longer than usual. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle and never use this kind if your appliance has a self-cleaning function!

What Is A Self-Cleaning Toaster Oven?

Self-cleaning toaster ovens are appliances which you can activate by pushing a button. This function turns on the heat inside of your small appliance so it becomes too hot for anything to actually stick onto the wall of it. You should only use this function if you plan on cooking something else next because you’ll have to wait at least an hour or two for everything inside of that to cool down again!

Are You Cleaning A New Toaster Oven?

Since you’re trying to figure out what the best way is for cleaning a new appliance, we recommend that you always use some warm water and soap to clean it first. If there’s any stuck on pieces of food then you can take a soft sponge and scrub everything until it comes off! Just remember these important tips so your small appliance will last as long as possible:

Don’t place your appliances too close together on the countertop because they’ll become hot very quickly which is dangerous if anything has grease or oil on top of them. 

Don’t put anything too big inside of an oven such as roasts, turkeys or even casseroles because this can damage all types of appliances including microwaves and grills!

Does A Toaster Oven Need A Vent?

Toaster ovens don’t typically need vents because they’re usually placed in a corner and next to other appliances such as microwaves! However, if you’re trying to vent out the odors or steam then we recommend that you place it close to an open window. Just remember that these small appliances usually produce strong smells so another option is using baking soda to make sure everything still has a pleasant aroma even when cooking something like fish!

Can I Really Bake Cookies In My Toaster Oven?

Yes, you absolutely can bake cookies in your toaster oven especially if it has a convection feature! Set the temperature on about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it inside of there for about 8 minutes or until they turn golden brown. Most importantly remember that all types of appliances such as microwaves and toaster ovens work by moving the molecules around so they’re hot which is what cooks the food.

Where Do I Place My Toaster Oven?

You should always try to put your small appliances in a corner and next to larger appliances such as microwaves, ovens and even coffee makers! This is because these larger appliances get hot pretty quickly which can cause problems if anything flammable gets too close to them. If you’re unsure about placing your new small appliance then we recommend that you contact an expert for more tips and tricks before using it!

Can You Put A Toaster Oven Under A Cabinet?

You definitely shouldn’t put small appliances under a cabinet or shelf because they can easily become damaged from falling off. Most importantly this is dangerous for children playing around the house as well as adults who might accidentally trip and fall over it! Try to place your new appliance on top of a countertop and if you’re worried about its size then we recommend that you wrap some bubble wrap underneath it just in case!

How Hot Do Toaster Ovens Get On The Outside?

Toaster ovens only get hot on the outside if something inside of it is burning or overcooked. If you’re trying to clean your new appliance then we recommend that you wait until it cools down completely before doing so. Remember, self-cleaning functions turn on the whole machine and it becomes too hot for anything else to stick onto the wall!

What Temperature Do You Reheat Food In A Toaster Oven?

You can choose whatever temperature you want to reheat your food but we recommend that you set it on about 350 degrees Fahrenheit! Just remember that microwaves use different types of waves which are how they cook food. However, these waves might cause hot spots so if this happens just stir the contents around inside of the box and try again!


The toaster oven is a convenient, affordable alternative for cooking that can help you make some delicious meals. If you’re in the market for an appliance that will be both functional and easy on your wallet, then investing in a toaster oven may be just what you need! Don’t hesitate any longer – it’s time to get one of these appliances today.

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