How To Use Food Processors In 2022?

How To Use Food Processors?

It is unequivocal that a food processor is a necessary appliance in your kitchen. It is the most suitable for solid or hard food. In the modern world, many people possess a food processor in the kitchen because of its convenience. Therefore, certainly, there are those who master to use this machine while there are users who are not familiar with it. As for the latter group, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide: How to use food processors effectively in kitchen jobs.

How to use food processors

How to use food processors: A step-by-step guide 

1. Grinding Meat 

Meat is far more solid and rubbery compared to other kinds of food such as vegetables or cheese. Therefore, it is more difficult to cut meat into small pieces, which may make you feel exhausted.

However, with the assistance of a food processor, you can find this task far easier and thus feel relieved. All you have to do is throw meat and press the PULSE button until it is made pieces. It is very easy and effortless, isn’t it? You still receive a perfect mixture without worrying about cleaning up all mess or putting so much effort.

Note: If you do not use meat without delay, it is necessary to preserve it by freezing or refrigerating in order for it not to be spoiled or stale. 

Most food processors come with 8 work bowls or more so that you can handle the meat without difficulty. However, there are smaller machines which do not have such strong power, engendering a bit of fatigue. In such circumstances, you can cut meat into smaller pieces, put them in the refrigerator and then toss them in the food processor. It will be much easier!

2. Chopping Vegetables, Grating Cheese, Slicing/Shredding Fruits

Are you struggling to chop vegetables or slice fruits? Are you tired due to cleaning up all that mess after completing these tasks? Do not worry because with a food processor, all you have to do is to ensure that you set all functions of the machine correctly including space, power source and extensions.

However, you should keep in mind that the size of food processors also plays an important role in their productivity. It can be inferred that small food processors or mini choppers may not work as effectively as larger ones due to their lack of attachments. However, by and large, they still produce a good result when you chop vegetables, grate cheese or slice fruits.

Here are some tips you can apply to make these tasks far easier. Because the feed chute has certain curbs, you should shred cabbage and make sure that there is a firm grasp on the matter. Just follow this and you will find it more helpful!

3. Salads & Dressings

Some people have tried using a food processor to make salads and dressings, and all they realize is only “Bliss and Perfect”.

Each food processor comes with discs. All you have to do is use them to cut fruits into small pieces. Therefore, with a food processor, you do not need to have knives or cutting boards.

When it comes to dressings, it is far easier. You just put everything on the S blade and press the PULSE button! This helps you save a considerable amount of time, thereby having more time to enjoy and have a rest. You will be surprised when realizing how effective and time-saving it is.

However, there is one thing that you should consider, which is that not all kinds of salads can be made faster with a food processor. In such cases, you should use a knife to cut ingredients into smaller pieces. Nevertheless, overall, you do not always need to use knives when making salads or dressings.

4. Making Sauces and Dips

Making sauces and dips is the same as making salads and dressings because the main steps include slicing, chopping and dicing. Therefore, all you have to do is also just put everything in the machine and press the PULSE button.

Within a few minutes, you can relish a perfect dish without putting so much effort or worrying about cleaning up that mess after doing kitchen jobs.

5. Dough 

When making dough with a food processor, you just make sure to set all functions of the machine correctly, including electricity, flour and water. It is very quick, taking you about one or two minutes.

In addition, you also ensure to use a little cooking spray or oil and maintain enough water. Just this, and you can have a rest while waiting for a perfect dish.

However, an important thing is that unlike handling vegetables or fruits, making dough requires the power to operate continuously.

This process may shut down the motor because of sticky dough and take a little time to finish. Therefore, keep in mind that do not add flour more than half of the machine to avoid some problems related such as overloading.

6. Nut butter 

Like making dough, with the help of a food processor, you will not have any difficulty in making nut butter. You do not need to put so much effort. Instead, there is very little work required.

Take peanut butter as an example. All you need is roast peanuts. Then, you put roasted peanuts in the bowl of the machine, press the PULSE button and push within 30 seconds. Run it again for another 30 seconds to make sure that the mixture turns into a regular one. You can add some sugar or salt, and just relish your favourite food.

7. Crumbs 

The S blade in each food processor will help to press dried bread or oreo so that they become smaller pieces. Therefore, when you want to make crumbs, just throw them into the work bowl and leave all things to the machine. It takes you very little time and you do not need to worry about the drudgery of housework or cleaning. You can have more time to rest while waiting for a perfect and delicious dish available.



A food processor is regarded as a must-have appliance in the kitchen in any family today. With this machine, you can make a lot of kinds of food such as nut butter, dough, crumbs, meat, vegetables, fruits or salads without difficulty. It helps you to save a considerable amount of time and reduce all mess after kitchen jobs, thereby offering you an enjoyable experience when cooking. Therefore, it is recommended that you should spend a little money investing in a food processor in your kitchen. We hope through this short article, you have already known how to use food processor easily and effectively.

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