Lifeboost Coffee Reviews In 2022- Is It Really Worth To Buy?

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews – Introduction, Making Process, Pros & Cons

If you are a coffee enthusiast, I bet you have known or at least heard the brand Lifeboost once. Among the best sellers, the coffee from Lifeboost seems to leave other brands standing due to many extraordinary features ranging from its source to its flavor. Moreover, for those who are seeking a kind of coffee that not only brings the best taste but also makes sure it is eco-friendly, this brand is undoubtedly the must-have coffee in your kitchen counter. Let us show you why Lifeboost Coffee holds the number-one purchase on the market through this article.

The article includes a brief introduction to the brand Lifeboost, the main features of the products, its flavor, the process of making coffee, the main products of the brand, and an analysis of pros and cons. We hope that after reading this article, you can make up your mind on buying this number-one coffee.



An Introduction to LifeBoost Coffee

The story of this wonderful coffee began by Dr. Charles Livingstone, the founder of the company, who always yearned for making his coffee through a healthier way. This resulted in him coming up with the decision on using the coffee harvested from Nicaragua as the main source of his coffee. It is also the basis of the company that he later started – Lifeboost: using organic coffee to makes sure customers a healthy body.

Lifeboost coffee has received positive feedback from customers since its opening. The low level of acidity, as well as clean properties of the product, makes it hold the number one position on the market while there are hundreds or even thousands of coffee brands that boast about their flavor and high quality. Not to mention, the brand has obtained numerous certifications that prove that their approach to planting and harvesting the coffee reaches high standard.


What Makes Lifeboost Coffee Leave Other Brands Standing?

There are many reasons why the brand outperforms its rivals. To begin with, the highest-grade beans and grounds from the brand are definitely what you can expect when buying a pack of coffee.

With the target of providing customers with the best coffee without destroying the environment, Lifeboost Coffee always sells the organic coffee. Besides, the coffee is produced without chemicals, which means that there is no pesticide, mycotoxin or dangerous substance in the product. Therefore, you can rest assured that not only do you consume the healthy drink but also the land where the coffee trees are planted is free of harmful chemicals. Moreover, it is shade-grown, which means it is not grown in a wide area and thus contributes to environmental degradation. Therefore, it is certainly the right choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Another striking feature of Lifeboost coffee is its low level of acidity, which makes it perfect for those with heartburn. If you are concerned about GMO products and their potential health risks, then again, Lifeboost coffee is the solution to the fear as it is completely non-GMO.

Last but not least, the product comes with 30-day money-back warranty, so if you are not sure whether the coffee is suited for you, give it a try. In the worst case, your bank account is still secured. Then, what are you waiting for?


Best Flavor Ever!

Although the clean origin is a big plus, coffee beans still fail on the market if their flavor does not meet the expectation of customers. However, with Lifeboost coffee, you can rest assured that this problem never exists. In general, the flavor of Lifeboost coffee is strong but smooth. If you brew it properly, it tastes slightly bitter and negligibly acidic. In short, the coffee offers a flavorsome and complex taste.


The Process of Making Lifeboost Coffee

Coffee beans from Lifeboost are grown on a single farm in a national conservation area of Nicaragua, Central America. As the area is 5,700 feet above sea level, the coffee cherries develop more slowly, resulting in a more delicious taste.

As mentioned earlier, the coffee is shade-grown, and the trees here are guava. Thanks to the bigger guava, the coffee is well protected, leading to its more nutrients. Besides, it is not attacked by weeds. Another benefit of being shade-grown is the enhanced natural sugar of the coffee beans.

As soon as the coffee cherries become ripe, they are harvested by hand. They then go through the process of fermentation for 26 hours. After that, the beans are washed manually using natural spring water. Following this, they are dried in the sun, making sure the moisture achieved is 11.5%. After being rested for 30 days, the beans are shipped to the roastery.

As you can see, this process proves the Lifeboost coffee is kept as organic as possible. No harmful chemical substances, pesticides or herbicides are applied. This eco-friendly approach is not only good for the environment and the consumers’ health but also beneficial to coffee farmers.


Main Products of Lifeboost

The main source of Lifeboost Coffee is from Nicaragua, Central America. All the beans are grown and harvested without the use of any harmful chemicals. Therefore, customers can rest assured that the coffee they have is completely organic, healthy for their body and the natural environment. The company offers a wide range of products as follows

  • Decaf coffee
  • Varied flavored coffee including pumpkin spice and hazelnut coffee
  • Espresso
  • Roast coffee (dark, medium, and light)

For each type of coffee you pick, you can choose whether to buy whole bean or ground coffee, which is very convenient. Moreover, by registering a coffee subscription, you can save quite much money in the long term.

Pros and Cons of Lifeboost Coffee


  • 100% organic, shade-grown and non-GMO
  • Grown without the use of any chemicals
  • Certified by Fair Trade
  • Sold by Lifeboost – the company focuses on protecting the environment, which means the product is the right choice for environmentally conscious consumers
  • Comes with a strong yet smooth flavor
  • Low level of acidity
  • Offers a wide range of coffee products
  • With its appealing packaging, the product can be used as a gift for relatives and friends
  • Backed by a one-month money-back warranty


  • Comes at a high price
  • Single-origin


Final Verdict

When it comes to drinking coffee, coffee enthusiasts have many concerns ranging from the origin, taste to prices. Lifeboost coffee has single origin, which means it is grown in one area only and this area in Central America is well protected by the national authorities. Besides, the coffee is shade-grown, so it does not consume a large amount of land.

On the contrary, thanks to the shade of guava, the tree’s nutrients is better preserved and its natural sugar is also improved. Moreover, the product is free of all kinds of harmful chemical substances such as pesticides, which is healthy for both consumers and nature. With such features, Lifeboost coffee promises to leave other competitors standing. If you are seeking the coffee with the best flavor and still concerned about the environment, then you should go for this brand.

The downside of the product, however, is its not competitive price. To make sure you enjoy the highest quality product, Lifeboost company has had invested carefully in each step of the process of making coffee, meaning that it is worth it to enjoy the very bean. Those who are on a budget may hesitate to make a purchase, but do not forget the product is backed by the warranty of full refund within 30 days. Therefore, if you do not find the coffee to meet your expectation, you can receive all your money back. We do not expect so, though as the coffee has been received positive feedback from thousands of consumers so far.

There are many options for your choice. Whether you like ground coffee or whole bean, or if you would love to have decaf coffee, espresso, roast coffee, or varied flavored coffee, they can always meet your need. As it is low in acid, you do not have to worry about consuming the coffee on a regular basis. Imagine sipping a cup of coffee early in the morning by the window. This product surely gives you a day full of energy and comfort.

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