[TOP 10] Best Knife To Cut Cheese Reviews In 2022

TOP 10 Best Knives To Cut Cheese Reviews, Tips & Guides

Do you happen to be a cheese lover and use it to make various healthy foods? Then you are quite familiar with a tool called a cheese knife. If you want to cut any soft or factory hard cheese, you might need a good quality knife. In the market, there are a lot of best knives to cut cheese available, but you need to purchase the right one that is suitable for your need. If you worry about the very soft cheese that sticks on your knife, then you should look for a lightweight, long thin knife.

In case you try to cut very hard cheese, a cleaver may be your best bet because it can cut or break any big cheeses piece. In the market, there are hundreds of different types of tools and knives for you to choose. Still, it is quite troublesome for you to choose the perfect cheese knife. In this best cheese knives reviews article, I will introduce to you the modern and appropriate tool for slicing or cutting any cheese. Let’s go through each of these cheese cutting knife sections and see what they are offering?

Best Knife To Cut Cheese

[TOP 10] Best Knife To Cut Cheese Reviews In 2022

1. Picnic Time Circo Cheese Set

TOSCANA - a Picnic Time Brand Circo Cheese Board with Cheese Tools
  • Circo swivel-style circular cheese cutting board set with 4 assorted full-tang cheese tools by Toscana, a Picnic Time brand
  • Features durable hardwood cheese tray /cutting board that opens to reveal the stainless steel tools nested inside
  • Includes full-tang cheese plane, knife/spreader, curved knife with dual pronged tip, sharp cheese knife for hard cheeses

Firstly, you will come to like this interesting Picnic Time Circo Cheese set because the whole package contains a cheese board and four assorted full-tang cheese knives. Secondly, you will notice these cheese knives are made of stainless steel which has a long-lasting feature. This cheese knife set has a cheese plane, knife spreader, curved knife with two-pronged tip and you can cut the hard cheeses with the last sharp cheese knife. Moreover, the cheese board comes with hollow moat along its edge to seize cheese brine or other liquids. You do not have to worry about cleaning it because its size is only 10.2 inches so that you can enjoy your favorite cheese time with your family. Any cheese lovers would consider this cheese knife set as a great choice due to its extra board. In addition, it is different than other sets because most of the counterparts only contain the knives. Therefore this set is easily impressed by a customer who is obsessed with cheese. If you happen to be a cheese lover, then this cheese knife set is highly recommended for you. Also, it comes with a reasonable price so you can purchase it in your life.


  • The set features long-lasting hardwood cheese board
  • This cheese knife set is a perfect choice for travelling and storing in a picnic basket
  • It also comes with reasonable price
  • Its quality is considered outstanding
  • This cheese knife set is a suitable choice for a gift


  • Sometimes the cheese board may have the part cut out displaying a raw, unfinished wood surface


2. Prodyne CK-300 Best Knife To Cut Cheese

Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife
  • Unique open surface blade
  • Lifetime sharp serrated edge
  • Produces a perfect slice

This versatile cheese knife is a great choice for you to perform in various foods. The cheese knife is made of stainless steel, and it features 10-inch long with a 5.5-inch blade. Its unique surface blade comes with a super sharp lifetime serrated edge which makes this cheese knife special. You can rest assured about cheese, and other foods stick on this knife due to the different open surface blade decreases friction.

If you own this knife, it will provide a perfect slide for all kinds of cheeses with thin cheese pieces. You would be amazed by its other good side, which can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, this premium-grade cheese cutting knife is manufactured with a long-lasting bakelite handle that contains three rivets to guarantee strong durability and firm grip.

This versatile tool offers to cut and to slice various foods, therefore it would be the best knife to cut cheese for a multiple slicing job. Besides, this product is considered as the best budget knife. So you do not need to look for a costly knife to cut cheese, this knife is enough for you.


  • This knife is a suitable choice for cutting cheese and vegetable
  • The surface blade reduces cutting friction due to its very unique design
  • Its super-sharp serrated edge offers long-lasting feature
  • It is made of stainless steel
  • The knife comes with a very durable bakelite handle


  • It is not suitable for cutting very hard cheese and frozen butter


3. J.A. Henckels International 5-Piece Cheese Set

J.A. Henckels International 5-Piece Cheese Set
  • Includes Semi Heart Shaped Knife, Rectangular Shaped Knife, Two Pronged Fork, and Cutting Board / Serving Tray.

The J.A Henckels International 5 piece cheese set is known as the largest cheese set in the market, you do not have to worry about the money because this cheese knife set comes with a reasonable price. Moreover, the package contains four cheese knives and a semi-heart sharped knife which can be used on hard cheeses and spreading. A single rectangularly shaped knife is included in this set for slicing and spreading. When you have guests visiting your home, you can easily serve with the two-pronged fork to share with your guests. Once you purchase this cheese knife set, you will receive a lifetime warranty, so your investment does not go to waste. Also, another good side of this set is that it comes with dishwasher safe feature, which means you will spend less time cleaning it. It is a win-win, right? This cheese knife set comes from Henckels company is recommended for any cheese lovers because they take pride in their products which you do not see in most companies these days. They are well-known as an old school type and only hire the best craftsman. Therefore you will learn great cooking experience that can be envied by most of your friends.


  • The cheese knife set has a nice cutting board
  • Despite these tools are heavy and functional, they are still very attractive
  • The whole set is small in size
  • It comes with a reasonable price


  • Some customers recommended that do not put it in the dishwasher because the cheese knives have wooden handles that would probably not hold up


4. The Cheese Knife OKP2 – Best Cheese Knife For Brie

The Cheese Knife OKP2 , The Cheese Knives with a Unique Patented Blade, Yellow
  • Unique drafted blade
  • Heat resistant to 430 degrees
  • Stain resistant

For customers preparing soft cheeses, like Brie, recommended the Cheese Knife OKP2 as a perfect choice. The first time you see this knife, you will notice its unique design, it is different than other conventional units as it deviates from the standard design of cheese knives.

The OKP2 blade comes with drafted feature. Moreover, it is an obvious design that guarantees the cheese will stick on the plate and not on the knife. After going through an examination, the blade is considered sharp and rough. At first, you may think this cheese knife is just a cheap plastic toy, then you are wrong! The knife, in fact, is an ergonomic and effective cutting tool. Furthermore, the blade is made of stainless steel which guarantees to prevent both rust and staining.

Also, this cheese knife is resisted in high heat condition. Its magnificent solid and rough design which can endure up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Another good side of this knife is that it does not need an additional sharpening or maintenance tool, despite the blade’s sharpness and precision. You can rest assured about cleaning it because this tool comes with a dishwasher-safe feature.

The handle is designed with a unique style. Unlike most of the other cheese knives were mentioned, the handle offers you a comfortable use while slicing cheese due to its soft design. You can enjoy cutting your cheese in a long time without worrying about hurting your hands, because of its softness handle.


  • The cheese will never stick on the blade due to its drafted design
  • The cheese knife comes with a dishwasher-safe feature
  • It also features stain and rust resistance
  • It offers comfortable use and control
  • This cheese knife can slice both hard and soft cheese


  • The blade is not entirely sharp
  • Despite all of its advantages, it does not have a blade guard


5. Cutco Traditional Cheese Knife

Many professionals are quite familiar with Cutco brand. The brand produces a lot of different kitchen and chef knives. Besides, this is a 5-inch beautiful cheese knife which is made of high-grade 440A stainless steel. It is particularly designed for cutting soft cheese, butter and other foods while preventing them from sticking on the blade. Also, the cheese knife has a “Micro-D” serrated edge that helps you cutting hard cheese.

Moreover, the Kraton brand crafts a propylene handle to make this cheese knife more beautiful. Its black handle features strong grip and balance while providing comfortable cut cheese, vegetables, and other daily fruits. At first, you may wonder this knife is quite expensive to cut cheese, but looking at the bright side that you can use it for multiple cooking jobs. A lot of feedbacks stated that the customers were happy with this professional cheese knife.


  • This cheese knife helps cutting hard and soft cheese and butter
  • It is made of 440A high carbon stainless steel
  • It also features Micro-D serrated edge
  • You do not have to worry about the food sticking on the blade
  • A beautiful Polypropylene handle comes with comfort and balance features


  • This cheese knife is more expensive than other counterparts


6. BlizeTec Knife For Cutting Soft Cheese

Cheese Knives: BlizeTec Cheese Slicer & Cutter Set (4 pcs)
  • ✅4-IN-1 CHEESE KNIFE SET: The set consists of 3 unique specialty cheese knives and 1 serving fork to handle hard, firm, semisoft and crumbly cheese
  • ✅SLEEK DESIGN AND PRACTICAL: BlizeTec Cheese slicer set is uniquely design to entertain your families and guests. A must-have for anyone who enjoy kitchen gadgets and dining gifts.
  • ✅LIGHT WEIGHT YET PERFECT SIZE: The 4 pieces cheese knife set only weight 5.82 oz and measure 5.3 inches in length. They are light weight and easy to store in your kitchen cabinet.

If you purchase this cheese knife set, you will also get four necessary cheese knife and slicer, all in one package. This cheese knife pack contains three superior quality cheese knives and one serving fork for cutting any hard, semisoft, firm, and crumbly cheese. Also, this 420 stainless steel set is manufactured particularly for cheese lovers. Anyone who loves various types of cheese would pick this product as their ideal tool. You can prepare all delicious cheese into various healthy foods with this premium cheese knife set.

Nevertheless, these cheese knives and tool feature smoothly performance and design make them look more elegant and easy to use with its lightweight design. They come with only 5.82 oz and 5.3 inches long. If you want to store them in your kitchen or cabinet, you can pick the small size one.

All these tool handles come with premium stainless steel feature. This cheese knife set helps maintenance job easier, but it is recommended that using hand wash only for best performance in a long period. Finally, this cheese knife set provides a beautiful package so you can give this set as a birthday, mother’s day, or wedding party gift.


  • This one package comes with a reasonable price while containing four tools
  • It is a lightweight design and helps maintenance job easier
  • It is made of 420 stainless steel
  • This cheese knife set would be an ideal choice for a gift
  • It is perfect for all occasions


  • The cheese knife set does not have dishwasher safe feature


7. Freehawk Elegant Stainless Steel 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set

Freehawk Cheese Knife Set, 6-Piece Elegant Stainless Steel Cheese knives Set with Gift Box, Perfect Gift for Foodie Friend, Weddings, Bridal Shower, Housewarming, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties
  • Premium Quality - All cheese knives are made of high-quality kitchen grade 304 Stainless Steel, rust resistant, extremely easy to use and clean. Strong enough to slice through both hard and soft cheeses effortlessly. Comfy to grip as its ergonomic design.
  • Elegant 6 Piece Cheese Knives - The premium cheese knife set includes 1 x Pronged Knife, 1 x Thin Knife, 1 x Heart Knife, 1 x Serving Fork, 1 x Chisel Knife, 1 x Spreader Knife. You can cut, shave, slice, hold or serve all of your favorite various cheeses with this complete and elegant set.
  • Perfect Gift - Freehawk Cheese Knife Set comes with an unique gift box, elegant design. All cheese knives in sleek and modern style, an elegant accompaniment. A splendid gift idea for any cheese lovers, a ready-to-gift for a Wedding, Bridal Shower, Housewarming, Anniversaries, Birthday, Christmas etc.

Freehawk brand is known as a company that manufactures a simple and affordable cheese knife set which you would be impressed at first sight. Any cheese lovers will definitely want a set containing various cheese cutting and slicing tools. Hopefully, this 6-piece cheese knife set offers what you are looking for. The Freehawk cheese brand manufactures this set which includes Pronged Knife, Heart Knife, Chisel Knife, Thin Knife, Serving Fork, Spreader Knife. These knives and tools are made of premium quality kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel. Therefore they surely serve at their best performance.

You will enjoy your time with all soft and hard cheese by this cheese knife set. Moreover, this set provides all the tools for multiple purposes, such as cutting, slicing and serving. The first time you open this box, you will be impressed by these magnificent cheese cutting tools, and you will love using them later on. Also, you can wrap this set with its beautiful box for Christmas, mother days, anniversaries, and birthday.


  • The cheese knife set is made of kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel
  • It helps cleaning work easier and to have a rust-resistant feature
  • It also provides a beautiful gift box
  • In the market, there are many different colours and size designs available
  • It comes with an attractive design with comfortable use
  • You can easily store it due to its lightweight feature


  • If you happen to be a type who loves wooden handle, then this set is not a suitable choice for you


8. RSVP International Best Knife For Cutting Cheese

RSVP International Board & Knife Set Cheese, Meats, Other Appetizers | Each Piece Unique in Marble Coloring | Serving Knife with Spiked Edge, 10", Gray
  • Beautiful large round marble cheese board
  • Each piece is unique in coloring
  • Rubber feet on the bottom keep the plate securely in place

If you are a regular cook, then you might know that you would need a wooden cheese board whenever cutting big cheese. When you purchase this set, you will get one large marble cheese board and a colour matching cheese knife. These tools are produced by the most popular RSVP International kitchen cutlery craftsmen. They also make various types of kitchen, cooking, and home products. If you plan to purchase these products for your home, then please do so because they come with a reasonable price, it is recommended as a good marble cheese knife set.

Although it is made of high-grade stainless steel, you can slice cheese with this 7-1/2-inches long knife. Moreover, it will offer the best grip due to the colour matching marble handle. Some feedbacks stated that the marble cheese board may be a little bit heavy because of its rounded and 10-inches long feature. Despite all that, it can be placed in any home or outdoor place. You can enjoy your slicing cheese time because the bottom of the board is made of rubber, therefore it will make the board stable while using it.


  • The product contains a colour matching board and cheese knife
  • The cheese board is designed with a large rounded style
  • The cheese board can be perfectly fit in any place due to its rubber material


  • Some customers may feel the cheese board quite heavy while using it


9. Prodyne K-4-S Stainless Steel Cheese Knives

Prodyne Stainless Steel Cheese Knives, Set of 4
  • Easy to grip stainless steel handles
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Great for all types of cheese

Among those cheese knives that are mentioned on this top ten list, this Prodyne stainless steel cheese knives easily become the smoothest looking cheese knives ever. Furthermore, the cheese knives come with stainless steel handles which offers a comfortable grip. Once you own these knives, you will experience a quickly and efficiently way of slicing any type of cheese due to their stainless steel blades. Any cheese lovers would dream of a relaxing time in their own home while eating cheese with a nice bottle of wine, so these cheese knives would be a great choice of preparing any type of cheese. Moreover, they are recommended as the perfect serving tools for any occasion, and you can also give these cheese knives as a gift to any cheese lover. The cheese sets would be the first choice to give away to your friends while this one is second to give away. In case you have friends who are all cheese lovers, then they will love using it in their homes while preparing good foods to their families which are made from cheese.


  • The cheese knife set comes with sold construction
  • It has a long-lasting feature
  • A perfect choice for giving this cheese knife set to any cheese lovers as a gift


  • Some products might get rust after a few cutting or slicing cheeses
  • It is not recommended for dishwasher


10. Vinkesso Professional Cheese Knife Set

Premium 5-piece Cheese Knives Set, Designed to Serve, Cut, Slice, Shave and Spread All Kinds of Hard and Soft Cheese, Comfortable Stainless Steel Handles, Perfect Gift for All Occasions
  • 【Perfect Match】Our whisk set comes in 2 sizes, including 12 inch and 10 inch to meet your different needs, help to keep your chef to have a happy cooking experience.
  • 【Quality Material】Our kitchen whisks set is made of quality stainless steel, durable and well polished, featuring good balance and control due to the reasonable design, easy and comfortable to use.
  • 【Exquisite Style】The blender whisk is equipped with 10 semi-rigid wire points which are designed with balls at the end of them, increasing the effectiveness of the mixing process, will bring you more convenience during applying and cleaning, saving your time and energy.

This product offers cutting any hard or soft cheese easier due to its beautiful magnificent design with satin fished tools. Once you have this knife set, you will get four high-grade tools such as spreading knife, crumbly-cheese knife, hard cheese knife, soft cheese knife, and a unique serving fork to prepare all your favorite cheese. Each knife features about 5.5-inch long. These are recommended as one of the best knives to cut cheese!

This 5-pieces cheese knife set is manufactured by Vinkesso brand. The customers can celebrate their cheese party with beautiful and stylish look of this set. All of the tools are made of high-grade 420 stainless steel that provides comfortable cutting and slicing. You will enjoy cutting your yellow or white cheese and butter with the razor-sharp and shiny blades.

Nevertheless, each knife is designed for different jobs in cutting and slicing. Its high construction guarantees it will work at its best performance and look. Also, they are ideal and balanced choice with lightweight and long-lasting features due to their rounded handles.

From all the knife overall feature, design and shape, and size are mentioned above, any cheese enthusiasts will definitely pick this cheese knife set. Finally, it offers a perfect gift box so you can give to anyone as housewarming, wedding or anniversary gift.


  • All five top quality tools are contained in one package
  • The set features eye-catchy design and shape
  • Comfortable use due to its lightweight and balanced features
  • It is made of 420 premium stainless steel
  • This cheese knife set is an ideal choice for a gift


  • Some customers will feel the handles a little bit short


What Kinds Of Cheese Knives Are Available?

It does not matter whatever you choose a single cheese knife or a whole cheese knife set. Still, you need to go through all details about the cheese knife. It is really important when you pick a cheese knife set, and you will get various types of cheese cutter and slicer rather than choosing an individual one. If you happen to be a newbie, then you may confuse on how those tools work. In case you are too familiar with them, then this will be a piece of cake! There are some regular and professional cheese knives list below.

Cheese Cleaver

The purpose of this cheese cleaver is cutting and breaking big and hard cheese, therefore it is designed with a wide, flat and quite a heavy blade.

Perforated Knife

At first sight, you may notice this cheese slicer features some small holes crafts on its blade. It is specially designed for cutting semi-soft cheese. Also, you do not have to worry about the cheese or butter stick on the blade.

Chisel Knife

For breaking a big hard cheese, you cannot forget this cheese knife because it comes with a flat and wide blade to serve its purpose. After that, you can slice and cut that cheese with a smaller cheese knife.

Pronged Knife

Do you encounter many big cheese blocks? Then this cheese knife helps cutting and breaking those cheese blocks due to the two prongs on the tip of its blade.

Cheese Forks

If you are a cheese lover, then you might know about it. The handle of cheese fork comes with two big prongs. You can cut big hard cheese while using the fork with your left hand to hold.

Cheese Spreader

If you have some experiences on cutting cheeses, then you are quite familiar with its name. Most cheese lovers called it with an alternative name, a butter knife. They can be used for spreading soft cheese due to their short and flat features.

Flat Cheese Knife

This type of knife is quite similar to cheese cleaver knife. You can also serve semi-soft or hard cheese with this knife.


Key Considerations

One of many important factors when buying the best cheese knife or cheese board is your favorite type of cheese. There are several of cheese knife in the market, and they are only placed in the inexpensive side. You may enjoy your favorite cheese if you pick the knife with an impressive edge.

Cheese Type: This factor will based on the type of cheese you serve more often. So, the whole deal on choosing the best cheese knife will effect on your personal preferences.

Quality of Materials: Cheese knives are made from various outstanding materials, such as simple stainless steel or fine silver in advance. You should think about the situations in which you will be using your cheese knives because it will make the built-in materials serve their purpose well.

Price: Despite their remarkable look, you can find a perfect cheese knife or sets of spreaders for under $20. Although there are some expensive cheese knives comes at $100, and others at more than $200.

Function: The type of cheese knife will depend on your situation. When you have guests visiting your home, you may pick the stylish cheese knives. In case you are preparing lots of cheese and you want to easily cut or slice them like a professional, then you need something more practical.

Size of Cheeses: Using the correct cheese knives will demonstrate the cheese with small and beautiful look. When you deal with large blocks of cheese, you may need powerful tools. If you happen buy cheese in bulk, you have to consider a two-handed cheese slicer to make the cutting job easier. Despite these tools take a little bit of storage space, they come with reasonable price while helping you slicing large cheeses into several small size one. Also, the two-handed cheese slicers can take up another job such as cutting cakes and other desserts into beautiful meals in your life.



Cheese is well known as a portion of very delicious and healthy food, and you can prepare various foods from it. In case you encounter a big chunk of cheese, you may use some different and best knife to cut cheese. An old tool or other knives would not be a suitable choice to prepare cheese. Hopefully, you can make up your mind on choosing the best knife to cut soft and hard cheese after going through with this cheese knife reviews post.

When you are ready to buy a new cheese knife, you should be careful about your choice. You may feel anxiety if you pick some poor quality cheese knife or set. But do not worry! You will be fine if you follow all the descriptions above to know which knife works better for hard and soft cheese. For those who really love cheese and butter related foods, these cheese knives would be their perfect choice.


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