[TOP 9] The Best Knife Set Under 200 Dollars Reviews In 2022

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9 The Best Knives Sets Under $200 Reviews, Tips & Guides

Obviously, there are many difficulties you may face when it comes to choosing the best knife sets under 200 dollars, as their prices are quite high. The majority of the knife sets offer various types of knives and other cooking tools at the same time, so it is the reason why these knife sets are expensive. Many people suppose that a single knife is enough for them to deal with all the cooking tasks.

However, I believe that owning a knife set is better than having just a single one as it can assist you in cooking a variety of delicious foods. Furthermore, when you buy a knife set, you will receive a storage block as well, so you can store all knives and your cooking tools. In addition, a knife set usually comes with a free sharpener, so you can sharpen your knife at any time you want. My article will help you choose The Best Kitchen Knife Sets, please read it carefully to make a wide decision.


[TOP 9] The Best Knife Set Under $200 Reviews In 2022

1. Emojoy 18-Piece – Best Knife Set Under $100

Emojoy Knife Set, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden, Manual Sharpening for Chef Knife Set, German Stainless Steel
  • 【Sharp】Exceedingly sharp conical ground edge, hand-sharpened to a 16-degree angle, are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Blades are forged from High-Carbon German stainless steel and heat-treated for hardness that resists stains and corrosion.
  • 【Effortless】The ergonomic handle provides a solid grip while the shape of the bolster delivers optimal weight and balance. Non-slip ABS handle is able to maintain it’s friction even then the handle is wet, make the cutting more safe and effortless.
  • 【All-in-One】All these knives are suitable for all kinds of needs on your kitchen - Chef knife, Bread knife, Santoku knife, Slicing Knife, Serrated utility knife, Utility knife, Paring knife, Peeling knife, Boning knife, (6)Steak knives, kitchen shear, knife sharpener and a wood storage block.

Best Value

The markets offer customers thousands of moderate knife sets. However, if you are looking for the best knife sets cheaper than $100, you should consider the Emojoy knife set as it provides an eye-catching design for you.
Furthermore, you can also go for the Emojoy knife set if you have demands for domestic or commercial use. I guarantee that this product can satisfy you in terms of its safety and trust thanks to its “FDA and NSF” certification

18 types of knives are contained in this set, namely, knife sharpening rod, (6-Steak knives), professional boning knife, (Paring knife), (Santoku knife), (Bread knife), (Chef Knife), (Slicing knife), (Utility knife), (Serrated utility knife), (Peeling Knife) and kitchen shear.

With an extremely rigid attractive wooden block, it helps you store your knives easily. You can utilize this set to fulfill your dream of becoming a skillful chef as it can make you feel more convenient for chopping, cutting and slicing all ingredients. When it comes to its price, the set is cost-efficient.

Best overall

This set features incredibly sharp conical ground edge and they are sharpened by hand with the 16-degrees angle. Furthermore, by utilizing the high carbon German premium stainless steel, this set can be protected from corrosion and rust. In addition, the durability of this product is strengthened thanks to heat-treated hardness.


  • It has the FDA & National Sanitation Foundation certification
  • Made of high carbon German stainless steel
  • The edge is extremely sharp through 16-degrees sharpening angle
  • To enhance weight and balance, multiple bolsters and triple rivet are included
  • Corrosion and rust proof products
  • These items will be not slipped as it contains non-slip ABS


  • You have to wash the knives by hand


2. McCook MC23 14 Pieces – FDA Certified Cheap Knife Set

McCook MC23 14 Pieces High Carbon Stainless Steel kitchen knife set with Wooden Block, All-purpose Kitchen Scissors and Built-in Sharpener(Cherry Block)
  • HIGH QUALITY Kitchen Knife Set - Tarnish-resistant and rust-resistant, this high carbon stainless steel cutlery set is of restaurant and culinary school knife set quality. All our knives have gone through at least 5 checks before shipping out
  • WORLD CLASS KNIFE SET - Exclusive taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting and is easy to re-sharpen. The ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and confidence in handling
  • EASY TO STORAGE- All knives store safely in the rubber wood knife block with built-in sharpener for space efficient storage

Best value

The next knife set is from McCook, which is certified “FDA”. And these items are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Furthermore, you will be worry-free about rust and tarnish. However, to lengthen the set’s life span, you should wash the knives by hand.
The 14-piece knife set I am mentioning contains one knife of kitchen shears, (8″ chef knife), (5″ serrated utility knife), (4.75″ utility knife), (6pcs 4.5″ steak knives), (8″ slicing knife), (5″ santoku knife), (3″ paring knife).

In terms of storage, you will be offered an attractive butcher wooden knife block, so it is really easy for you to store all your sharpener and knives.

Best Overall

This set provides you with knives coming with the outstanding durability. Furthermore, it is simple to re-sharpen the knives. In particular, as this set makes use of Taper Grind technology of edge, all the knives reaches the optimal level of rigidity. Finally, thanks to being made of forged high carbon stainless steel, this set can perform well with its best durability.

The ergonomic handle with the triple rivet of each knife will satisfy you as it provides you with an ideal balance and weight. If you want to have a heavier cut, this set is a perfect one as the handles of these knives feature endcap. I can make sure that these knives can catch the attention of both chefs and cooking lovers.


  • This set has certified by FDA
  • The outstanding performance is supported by the technology of the taper grind edge
  • Knives are made of forged high carbon stainless steel
  • The eye-catching butcher wooden knife block comes with the built-in sharpener
  • The quality of this set is checked carefully, about 5 times before delivery
  • There are many colors and knives that you can choose


  • It does not include the sharpening rod, which means you have to look for different ways to sharpen the knives


3. Chicago Cutlery Fusion – Small Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, 12-Piece
  • 12 piece set includes a 3. 25" Parer, 5" Utility, 7. 75" Bread, 7. 75" Chef, 8" Slicer, 6 - 4. 50" Steak knives, caramel-stained wood block
  • Stays sharp longer - in testing, fusion knives kept their sharpness longer than the market leading knife brand. Tested (December 2018) against the best-selling knife set from the market leader
  • Asian-influenced, cushion-grip handles provide a sturdy, non-slip grip

Best Value

A second best knife set under $100 I highly recommend is Chicago Cutlery as this product is one of the best choices of the majority of cooking lovers and advanced chefs. Furthermore, the set of 12-piece knives is very cost-efficient.

This set contains 6 – 4. 50″ Steak knives, (7. 75″ Chef knife), (5″ Utility knife), (3. 25″ Parer), (7. 75″ Bread knife), (8″ Slicer), along with a caramel-stained wooden block. With the compact size of this block, it is convenient for you to store all knives at any position in your kitchen. If your kitchen has counter space, it is undoubtedly suitable for you.

This set is a perfect choice for both home and commercial use as high-grade carbon stainless steel is its main material. In terms of blades, they are really steady, strong, and rust and corrosion-proof as well.

With the signature taper-ground 26-degrees edge, this set performs extremely well in terms of sharpness. Remember to utilize it carefully to prevent any injuries after unboxing it as they are incredibly sharp.

Best Overall

The long and convenient handles of these knives are one of the most special features of this budget-friendly set. Your cutting and slicing skills will be performed more straightforwardly thanks to a rigid and non-slip grip of the cushion-grip handle. You can be worry-free about its safety and I also assure you that its looks are extremely attractive as it contains metal bolster and endcap.

This knife set features all lightweight forged pieces with great quality. Although the knife set does not contain an additional sharpener, their edges are unmatched by others.


  • Its balance and weight are supported by the forged design
  • Corrosion and rust – proof
  • Made of top-quality carbon stainless steel
  • Taper grind signature 26-degrees edge
  • With endcap and metal bolster, its handles are user-friendly


  • Lack of sharpener


4. AmazonBasics 18-Piece – Cheap Kitchen Knife Set

Amazon Basics 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set, High-Carbon Stainless-Steel Blades with Pine Wood Knife Block, Black
  • 18-piece kitchen knife set includes (7) kitchen knives, (8) steak knives, (1) kitchen scissors/shears and (1) knife sharpener neatly stored in (1) pine wood block
  • Superior, high carbon stainless-steel blades for precision results and lasting sharpness
  • Full tang, triple-riveted, black ergonomic knife handles ensure comfort and control

Best Value

If you want to start your cooking journey, the AmazonBasics knife set is an ideal choice for you as it is budget-friendly yet high-quality. Believe me, this set will help you make a marked improvement in cooking.

The AmazonBasics set contains 18 piece-knives, namely (8″ kitchen shears), (3.5″ Paring knife), (5.5″ Utility knife), (8″ slicing knife), (7″ Santoku knife), (8″ bread knife), (6″ boning knife), (8) 4.5″ steak knives and 8″ sharpener

A rubberwood block coming with this set will help you store your sharpener and knives easily. These knives also give you an outstanding performance of cutting as all the knives are made of high-grade stainless steel. You should sharpen your knives after using them heavily using the sharpening rod. However, thanks to nano-serrated edges, the multiple steak knives do not need any sharpening.

Best Overall

You will never get any injuries as this set is equipped with a full bolster. Furthermore, the durability of this set is strengthened by its triple-rivet handle. The handle and the blade of these knives will never be broken in their middle as they are full tang.

The balance and convenience of handles will fulfill your requirements completely. In addition, you will find it more easily to chop and cut vegetables and various foods when you use this set. However, you should wash the knives by hand and dry them straight away after use


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • The blade is full-tang and it comes along with the triple rivet
  • The handle is non-slip ergonomic
  • Your cutting will be safe and easy thanks to full bolster


  • It is quite fast for the blades to be dull


5. Romeker 15-Piece – Classic & Affordable Chef Knife Set

Knife Set,15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden,Chef Knife Set with Sharpener,Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set,Boxed Knife Sets,ROMEKER
  • 【Notice】Our brand is ROMEKER【This Professional KITCHEN KNIFE SET features 15 pieces】:Includes 8”Chef Knife, 8”Slicing Knife, 7”Santoku Knife, 8”Bread Knife, 5”Utility Knife, 3.5”Paring Knife,Kitchen Scissors,Knife Sharpener to stay sharp and 6 pieces of 4.5”Steak Knives.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY,SUPERIOR MATERIAL】:This knife set made from X50Cr15 Superior high Carbon stainless steel blades for precision and accuracy. Ergonomically designed for butcher block, rustic knife set and wood grain handle. Beautiful Pakkawood handles design to maximize durability and stress tolerance. Each piece in this knife block set features strong,rust-resistant high-carbon stainless steel blades,also these knives are extremely well-weighted for control during precision tasks.
  • 【SUPERIOR SHARP】:The blade is forged with hand-polished edges and precise tempering. The edges of the knife are carefully hand sharpened,maintaining the perfect balance between achieving ultra thin slices and maximum resilience which is assist chop food. It is a professional chef knife set,great kitchen top cutlery set.

Best Value

If you are looking for the best knife set under $100, Romeker should be your choice as it offers you the outstanding quality in terms of its look and performance. In addition, you can store all your knives by a block stand and magnetic rack.

The Romeker set includes 15-piece knives, namely (8” chef knife), (8” slicing knife), (8” Bread knife), (6 pieces 4.5” steak knives), (3.5” paring knife), (7” Santoku knife), (5” utility knife), one piece of the sharpener and one kitchen scissors

The utilization of X50Cr15 premium high Carbon stainless steel helps the various knives have unmatched quality. Furthermore, thanks to this special material, this set is rust and corrosion-proof. Especially, all blades have the hand-polished wicked sharp edge. Therefore, you can handle both ultra-thin slice and heavy uses beautifully

Best Overall

The wood and rubber handles are presented in almost every set. However, the eye appeal of these sets is strengthened by the support of luxurious Pakkawood handles. Finally, the triple rivets and bolsters are vital factors to keep the balance and weight of the set. To be more specific, one bolster is used for safety and the remaining one is used for appropriate balance. Furthermore, its outstanding performance comes primarily from the full tang factor. You can make this classic set serve you as a meaningful present for your friends or family.


  • Its performance is outstanding and its look is eye-catching
  • German high carbon stainless steel is the main material
  • The forged blades come with a hand-polished edge
  • Thanks to bolster and endcap, your fingers will be safe completely
  • The rigidity of the set comes from full tang blades


  • You have to wash all the knives by hand to lengthen life span of the set


6. Cuisinart C77WTR 15-Piece – Beautiful Knife Set For Cook

Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet, 15 Piece Set, White
  • Set Includes: 8" Chef Knife, 8" Slicing Knife, 7" Santoku Knife, 5.5" Utility Knife, 3.5" Paring Knife, 2.75" Bird's Beak Paring Knife, 4.5" Steak Knives (6), 8" Sharpening Steel, All-Purpose Household Shears, Wooden Block.
  • Superior high-carbon forged stainless steel blade for precision and accuracy
  • Durable extra-wide safety bolster for perfect stability and control

Best Value

This Cuisinart C77WTR 15-Piece set is the best choice for you if you are looking for a knife set cheaper than $100. The eye appeal of its design and its rigidity will make you satisfy. And I believe that this is the reason why you will want to purchase this block set and position it at a certain place in your kitchen.

This set includes some professional knives, namely, (8″ Slicing Knife), (7″ Santoku Knife), (2.75″ Bird’s Beak Paring Knife), 8″ sharpening steel, (8″ Chef Knife), (5.5″ Utility Knife), (3.5″ Paring Knife), (6-piece 4.5″ steak knives), kitchen shears, one 8” sharping steel and a block is made of wood

The tapered ground blades provide you with a good performance in terms of its sharpness and its exactness. This set makes you believe that your cutting and slicing are smooth. In addition, there are loads of ways for you to make use of your chef knife.
Thanks to extra-wide forged bolster, your fingers will be always safe. Therefore, this set is perfect for you if you are cooking lover or the chef of your family, let this knife set makes your cooking ability move to the next step.

Best Overall

You should store this knife set by a magnetic rack in your kitchen as the eye appeal of white blades and handles will make you satisfied. It is really hard for handle to slip from your hand, even when you use it for heavy cut. Therefore, you will get a sense of comfort when using it.

Thanks to its steel rivets and endcap, this knife set guarantees users the balance and rigidity. In addition, the eye appeal and the reasonable price level of these knife sets will completely catch your attention. If you are looking for a housewarming present, this knife set suits you perfectly.


  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Extra-wide safety bolster makes its durability superior
  • Tapered ground blades are extremely sharp
  • The handles are stable and convenient


  • You have to pay attention to maintenance to avoid rust


7. Ginsu Gourmet Chikara – Best Japanese Knife Block Set

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 8-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set – Cutlery Set with 420J Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives – Bamboo Finish Block,
  • These Ginsu Chikara forged knives are one piece of premium Japanese Stainless Steel from tip to tang so you can approach every recipe with the confidence that your knives will do whatever you ask.
  • These Ginsu Chikara forged knives arrive razor sharp and stay sharp longer than the competition giving you a low-maintenance, high quality set of forged knives you can depend on meal after meal.
  • These Ginsu Chikara forged knives are expertly balanced to give you the perfect blend of power and control you need to cook through even the trickiest recipe safely and comfortably.

Best Value

The Japanese knife has gained in popularity among most people because of its impressive performance in terms of durability and quality. Therefore, more and more advanced and home chefs pay much attention to Japanese knives.

The 8-piece knife block set is a part of the Gourmet Chikara Series and it includes (5″ Utility Knife), (5″ Serrated Utility Knife), (8″ Chef’s Knife), (7″ Santoku Knife), (3.5″ Paring Knife), one piece sharpening rod and kitchen shears with an attractive storage block made of bamboo

The 420J2 Japanese stainless-steel is a magical material helping this knife set reach the optimal level of impressive sharpness. Therefore, you can make use of this knife set for both home and commercial uses. In addition, with the forged blade tip to tang, it enables you to cut anything with ease.

Best Overall

As this knife set is equipped with some razor-sharp blades, it can support you to lengthen its life cycle and save your money for maintenance cost. Furthermore, the rounded black user-friendly handle with the style of Japanese tradition will be presented in all sharpener and knives

The handles of these knives are heat and water-proof besides its comfort. And its balance is perfect thanks to the bolsters are extremely safe.

If you still wonder what would be the best knife set cheaper than $100, this Japanese set will be your wisest choice.


  • 420J2 Japanese stainless-steel is its main material
  • The razor-sharp edges are highlighted features of forged blades
  • Rounded handles have the style of Japanese tradition.
  • The handles are heat and water – proof
  • Safety bolsters come with full tang blades


  • Bread knife is not included in the set


8. Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set – Best Inexpensive Knife Set

Home Hero 17 pcs Kitchen Knife Set | All-in-One Knives Set with Acrylic Stand | Includes 13 Stainless Knives, Scissors, Peeler & Knife Sharpener | Apartment Essentials Knife Set with Kitchen Gadgets
  • Unique Kitchen Gifts this Holiday - Our all-in-one complete set of kitchen chef knives are ideal for all your chopping needs. This kitchen gadgets set includes 13 professional chef knives, kitchen scissors, bonus peeler, a premium quality 2-stage knife sharpener and a modern knife stand. A true cutlery organizer, it makes for unique home decor gifts, Christmas gift or chef gifts for men, women & gifts for couples who have everything.
  • Professional quality at its best – the best materials to update your cooking! this stainless-steel knife set gives you superior blades coated with nonstick paint plus ergonomic pp handles. Sharp, sturdy & practical. No rust, stains or pitting here!
  • A multi-purpose kitchen décor must – a perfect mix of design & practicality, featuring knives for all purposes: carving knife, utility knife, cheese knife, pizza knife, chef knife, bread knife, paring knife, steak knives. Excellent precision cutting!

Best Value

The 13-piece knife set sold at an affordable price – under $100 would be your great assistant in your kitchen.

This set contains 13-piece knives, namely (chef knife), (carving knife), (paring knife), (cheese knife), (kitchen scissors), (2-stage high-quality knife sharpener), (bread knife), (utility knife), (steak knives), (pizza knife), (extra peeler) and an outstanding knife stand. If you usually throw parties, even big ones, I am sure that this set would support these events beautifully.

Besides that, I guarantee that this knife set will fulfill all your requirements related to cooking tasks at home. If having no idea of how to utilize a pizza roller is your problem, you do not have to worry any more as this knife set will handle it for you.

The highlighted feature of this knife set is the combination of a great pizza knife and impressive cheese knife which can help you cut pizza and both soft and hard cheese with ease. Not to mention, it makes your cutting smoothly and fast. While the majority of knife sets provide a sharpening rod along with a built-in sharpener, this set offers you a versatile 2-stage sharpener which is suitable for any knives in your kitchen and more user-friendly than sharpening steel

Best Overall

This knife set with the eye-catching design can catch the attention of any advanced chefs or cooking lovers at the first time they see it. Furthermore, this knife set is made of high-grade stainless steel, so cutting meat or vegetables is just its simple task. Finally, these knives are rust and stain – resistant.

In addition, the high quality nonstick paint covers these knivee’ blades, so the set promises to bring the best performance. Besides that, you will never feel uncomfortable when you use it for long as all the knives are equipped with the ergonomic PP handle. If you want to have a party, do not worry, let this knife set serve you perfect meals.


  • The set comes with all types of knives at an affordable price
  • It provides you with some additional tools and knives
  • Equipped with 2-stage versatile knife sharpener
  • The stainless steel blades are covered by nonstick paint
  • This knife set is rust and stain – resistant
  • Ergonomic PP handle


  • The knife stand is not very good


9. Oster 81011.14 14 Piece – Best Knife Set Under $50

Oster Evansville 14 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Block Set, Red Handles
  • One 8in Chef Knife, one 7in Santoku Knife, one 8in Bread Knife, one 5in Utility Knife, one 3.5in Paring Knife, six 4.5in Steak Knives, one Sharpener, Kitchen Scissors, one Rubberwood Block
  • Precision stamped construction for durability through the full length of the knife, with Full Tang Blades for Excellent Balance
  • Beautiful rubberwood block

Best value

If you are looking for a high-quality knife set at an affordable price, to be more specific, cheaper than $50, the 14-piece knife set of Oster brand would meet your need perfectly.

This knife set includes (8″ Chef Knife), (8″ Bread Knife), (3.5″ Paring Knife), (7″ Santoku Knife), (5″ Utility Knife), (6-piece 4.5″ steak knives), one knife sharpener, kitchen scissors and a beautiful rubberwood block

If you use a stand or a magnetic rack to store these knives, you will make your knife set more and more appealing. Thanks to being made of stainless steel, all knives of this set are extremely sharp and you can re-sharpen them with ease.

Furthermore, this knife set is rust and stain-proof, so you do not need to worry about its quality after using it for so long. It would be fine if you clean these knives by the dishwasher. However, I think you should wash them by hand to lengthen their life span.

Best overall

This knife set will give you a sense of comfort when using it thanks to its ergonomic red handles and optimal grip. If you are worried about its balance when you cut meat or vegetables, you will not be in this position anymore as these knives can handle food perfectly. Furthermore, when you use the knives for heavy work, their tang and triple rivet will support you. Eventually, you can buy the set to improve your cooking skills or make it serve you as a housewarming present.


  • The knife block set comes in an eye-catching design
  • Blades are made of stainless steel
  • These knives are lightweight and their balance is great
  • Budget-friendly, it is a perfect housewarming gift
  • Full tang along with triple rivet construction


  • The bolster of these knives is not safe


Which are the effective ways to select the best knife set under 200 dollars?

Many people have difficulty in choosing the best knife set under 200 dollars as the majority of knife sets, containing various other cooking tools, have higher costs than single knives. However, the knife set can assist you perfectly in cooking tasks.

For sure, everyone wants a high-grade and efficient-cost knife set. And I will give you some tips to support you in making a good purchase.


The markets offer you thousands of knife sets formed from a variety of superior materials to lengthen their life cycle and make the knives’ blades razor-sharp. However, the high carbon stainless steel and the 420-grade stainless steel are the most popular materials.

The forged and stamped blades are two types of knives that are made of the aforementioned materials. For forged blade, it has gained popularity among advanced chefs as it offers outstanding sharpness and superior durability, but these knives are quite heavier than those with stamped blade are. In terms of stamped blades, they are lightweight and sold at more reasonable prices than the forged.


You should remember that the best handle of knives has to give you a sense of comfort when you use it for so long. With wooden handle, you will feel incredibly comfortable during using the knives and it also offer you an eye-catching look. However, if durability is your priority, you should go for a stainless steel handle. Although you can feel a little uncomfortable, it can prevent your knives from the damage.

Full Tang

In comparison between a full tang knife and half tang one, the former is quite more durable but heavier and less eye-catching than the latter. In case you do not know what a full tang knife is, let my help you, a full tang knife is a knife whose the triple rivet is connected with the handle and the blade together. If you prefer beautiful and lightweight knives, the half tang knives should be your choice. However, if durability is your top priority, you should opt for the full tang knives.

Safety Bolster

Regarding the definition of a bolster, it is a small intersection of the handle and the blade. Thanks to bolsters, the knives can have a great balance and transition. The full bolster and semi-bolster are two types of bolsters.

The function of bolsters is to make your finger safe when you use knives. If you are complete beginners of cooking, bolsters are really useful.


The weight is one of the most essential factors when you choose the best knives, especially, when you are just beginners as the weight determines how good the balance is. For advanced chefs, they are familiar with various types of knives, so the weight of knives is not a matter to them

However, if you are new users, you should not choose the heavyweight knives as the lightweight ones will make you feel comfortable to use. Furthermore, the stamped blades will be more lightweight, user-friendly and easier to re-sharpen. Therefore, you should consider the weight of knives carefully when you purchase a knife set.

Storage Block

The storage block is usually made of wood or bamboo. You can store all your knives and other cooking tools in this block to prevent losing the knives. Furthermore, you can save your kitchen space by using such a block. Some blocks can offer you an acrylic stand, so you can hold your knives after using them.


You should consider a budget to prevent yourself from going overboard with purchasing a set. Knife sets under 200 usually go for about $100 – $150, while the expensive ones can reach up to $500 easily.

Quality Materials

There are three different kinds of knives that you might get in a set, which are stainless steel blades, carbon steel blades and ceramic blades. Stainless steels tend to be at the cheaper end since they’re easier to make but don’t stay sharp as long as other blade materials. Ceramic blades are very thin and light weight but also extremely sharp and strong at the same time; they may come in made in Japan if they’re authentic ceramic knives (which can cost more than $1000). Carbon steels can be made either in Japan, and if so they cost more than $500. As for aesthetics, carbon steel blades look much better than stainless steel ones, but the downside is that they will require more upkeep as they rust if stored incorrectly.

Kitchen Essentials

The number of knives included in a set usually depends on size (and budget); bigger sets tend to include as many as 12+ different knives while smaller sets generally contain fewer than 5 knives. You should take note of what types of knives your set contains; steak knife sets might include paring instead of boning and serrated blade sets might need a straight edge utility knife. Other key items you may find in a kitchen set are peelers, shears, corkscrews, tongs, etc.


If you’re looking for a more versatile set which can fit the needs of your kitchen or restaurant, you should look for ones with steak knives and paring knives as these two are used most often. Larger sets will give you more room to play around with different types of knives, but be prepared to spend more money on smaller sets. Make sure that the set doesn’t include bread knives as bread cutters and sushi knives may also serve similar purposes and be included in larger sets. It’s ideal to choose a large knife block instead of many small ones since it saves table space and unifies accessories together.

Construction Material

Most sets are made of either plastic or wood for the block holding the knives in place. Wood has a classic look to it which makes it preferable for some people, but if not maintained properly can be more dangerous than plastic as wooden blocks tend to hold moisture which leads to unintentional knife injuries. Plastic tends to have less weight compared to wood so you will need extra care when handling them. If needs be, consider transferring your knives from their current block into one that is made of glass or steel instead; this may cost more but will provide good protection and safety especially if you have children around your home.


Despite being at the bottom end of the price range, budget sets may get worn out and unusable after a couple of months or even weeks of use. Be wary of brands that have a history in causing this problem, such as Cuisinart.

Knives Included

A typical starter knife set will usually include 2-4 different types of knives which are most commonly used in cooking. All-inclusive knife sets are perfect for beginners, but once you become more experienced you may find them lacking as they don’t provide essential tools for specific items such as boning or carving knives. There are also specialty knife sets targeted to people who need things like filet, deboning and skinning knives only; these can cost almost double what budget kitchen sets go for so make sure it’s within your price range. Individual pieces are more expensive but they tend to last longer and can be bought one at a time when needed.


Quality products tend to retain their sharpness longer than cheap ones, so opt for knives with high quality blades when doing your research.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Keep Your Knives In Ideal Conditions?

It is important to maintain your knives in good conditions to prevent them from the damage. However, it is not easy to get the job done efficiently. You should wash your knives immediately after using them. However, please remember a dishwasher is not good for your knives, so you should wash them by hand.

Furthermore, to make your knives clearer after cutting sticky foods, you should wash them by detergent or hot water. However, remember to use the soft cloth to dry your knives right away after washing them. Besides that, you can utilize knife oil to protect the knives from corrosion and rust when you have not used them for long.

By applying these ways, your knives will prove their premium sharpness when you use them the next time. Many people have no clue about how to maintain knives in great condition especially when they are complete beginners. I strongly believe that when you protect and keep your knives in the right way, they will give you great performance, even for the long period

What Is A Knife Set Under 200?

A knife set under 200 is a knife set that costs less than $200.00 USD. Knife sets are best for people who like to cook at home or often do small food preparation. The knife set consists of various knives that serve different purposes; each knife has its own specific use, e.g., chopping, slicing, cutting, carving etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Knife Set?

The most important advantage of knife sets is that it comes with lots of knife tools in one package and encourage better meal planning since the person only needs to purchase all the ingredients in one go instead of going back and forth from the grocery store every time there’s a need for a certain.

Another advantage is knife sets save time and energy since knife sets come with several knife tools in one package. All knives are freshly sharpened when purchased, which minimizes the need for knife sharpening over time.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Knife Sets?

Some knife sets do not come with all knife types e.g., meat cleavers or steak knives so you still need to purchase them separately if necessary. Knife sharpeners can be expensive if not included in a knife set, but this is only true if the person neglects to maintain their knife sharpness by regularly using it or buying an electric chopping board that comes with knife sharpener feature.

What Are The Knife Types Included In Knife Sets?

A knife set typically includes at least 8 knives. The most common knife types are paring knife, chef knife, bread knife, cleaver, carving knife & slicer etc. Each knife has its own specific use for cutting or preparing food e.g., slicing meat or chopping vegetables.

Knife sets also come with other essentials such as kitchen scissors and a sharpening rod/steel which help maintain the knives after it has been used to cut the different food items.

Are Expensive Knives Better Than Cheap Ones?

There isn’t any evidence that more expensive knives are sharper or that they stay sharper longer – only that many people believe to be true because of brand loyalty. It is true that knife edges do become dull over time and need sharpening or knife replacement, so knife sets under 200 with knife sharpeners included makes it easy for the person to maintain and prolong their knife set

What Should I Consider When Buying Knife Sets?

Make sure that the knife set you buy has a block holder

A knife block with slots can hold all your knives in one place and keep them organized.

Before purchasing knives make sure to read customer reviews online about what they like and dislike about the product such as sharpness of the knife type (e.g., is it too cumbersome or not sharp enough) etc. Customers also often write short-term product use review based on how satisfied they are with their knife purchase.

Make sure to check knife set blades for sharpness and overall knife design before buying knife sets. Blade material of the knife is also key to consider – it should be a combination of carbon & stainless steel so that the knife retains a sharp edge while being resistant to corrosion from food acids or rusting when not in use.

When Do I Have To Replace My Knife Set?

A knife set under 200 is expected to last for at least 3-5 years with proper care and handling. Knives get dull over time just like how they get sharpened which can affect food meal preparation. In this case, it will be necessary to have knives replaced every once in a while depending on how often you use your knife set.

How Often Should Knife Sets Be Sharpened?  

Knife sets under 200 are designed to retain knife sharpness for an average of one year which can also vary depending on the frequency of knife use and maintenance practices. This means that knife sets need to get re-sharpened or knife replacement every once in a while (e.g., knife edge degrades over time) for food preparation tasks like chopping vegetables, slicing meat etc. will become harder to accomplish with dull knives compared to sharpening them because it may cause injury if not done correctly.

Are There Ways To Get Free Knife Sets?

Many restaurants are giving away promotional knife sets for their customers for 1-2 days, so be on the lookout when eating out at popular restaurants or cafes that offer food promotions. There are also several different companies selling their own branded knives that have varying discounts and sales so it’s worth checking online websites e.g., Amazon to see if they have a promotion going on to purchase discounted knife sets. You can also check with your local cooking ware retailers or department stores because they will usually have sales for people who want to buy their products in bulk (e.g., 10 piece knife set)

What Other Accessories Should I Consider Buying With My New Knife Set?

Having an electric chopping board comes in handy when keeping your knife set sharp and intact after use. You can also consider getting a bag or case to hold both the cooking ingredients and other food preparation equipment e.g., cutting board, cooking pots & pans, etc. which allows you to save time from not hunting for each item individually.

What Should I Avoid Doing When Using My Knife Set?

Knives need to be washed with soap and water after every use; do not slice directly onto plates or surfaces that cannot be easily cleaned because over time bacteria will accumulate on the surface and if it gets transferred back onto the knives then they can turn into unsanitary conditions which cause food poisoning if consumed later on (e.g., Salmonella).

How Do I Take Care Of My Knives?

Always store your knife set in a safe area where burglars cannot access it to steal. It’s recommended to use knife sets that are not made out of expensive or rare materials so that there is financial backup if anything happens to the knives e.g., they get lost, damaged etc.

It also comes in handy to use a knife block to keep your knives neat and organized. You can also consider buying knife covers, sleeves or knife bags to protect the blades from rusting over time if not used.

How Do I Maintain My Knives?

Always wash and dry your knives by hand immediately after every use so that bacteria does not have a range of options on where it can grow. Make sure you clean other food preparation equipment as well if they cannot be washed with soap and water e.g., grater, fork etc. because using unclean utensils may lead to cross-contamination between different foods e.g., transfer of harmful bacteria from raw meat onto vegetables being chopped at the same time which can cause food poisoning.

Never let knives sit in a sink full of dirty water because other utensils can scratch the blades, and this creates an opportunity for harmful particles to get into the knife set. Always store knives away from children or pets to prevent slicing or accidental stabbing.

Are There Any Benefits To Owning A Knife Set?

The main purpose for buying a knife set is to save time because different cooking tasks require different types of utensils e.g., fork, chopping board etc. This way you don’t have to keep on washing utensils every time you need it which saves a lot of time especially if you’re not great at multi-tasking or do not have enough kitchenware pieces because everything comes in one package deal and you can avoid hunting for specific items e.g., finding where the rest of your forks and spoons are or searching through different drawers/cupboards to find them one-by-one.

You also don’t have to worry about damaging your knives over time as they usually come with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you take care of them according to cleaning & safety guidelines, therefore reducing down on chopping board costs because it’s inevitable that over time some components will wear out (e.g., plastic pieces breaking off) which means you will need to buy new ones more frequently compared to buying knife sets that save money and time in the long run due to durable products and efficient lifetime warranties where replacements be sent if needed instead of money to be spent on purchasing new equipment.

Knife sets can also save a lot of space in the kitchen because you only need one set instead of multiple ones for different tasks that basically end up doing the same thing. So rather than hunting down each utensil individually, everything is packed neatly into a box where you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing any important pieces as everything is together and organized.

Are They Worth The Price?

It is always a balance between quality and cost when buying any product. If you want knives with superior quality, it will be reflected in the price tag because higher-quality materials are used which can lead to expensive price tags due to limited supply and high demand for these products. In contrast, knife sets that have been specifically designed for mass production tend to use more affordable materials such as synthetic ones which cuts down on overall costs, but it doesn’t mean they’re not fully compatible with professional uses e.g., cutting tough ingredients like meat or vegetables without chipping/bending etc. It’s just that their prices may not be able to compete with premium brands that are made out of quality stainless steel instead of cheap plastic.

Why Do I Need A Knife Block?

Knife keep your knives organized by keeping them all together at one place e.g., knife block instead of having them scattered around the kitchen, saving your time and searching for particular utensils rather than wasting it.

It secures your knives to prevent people from mistakenly grabbing their blades which can be detrimental if they are not knowledgeable about basic safety precautions e.g., children. Knives should always be properly stored away when not in use to avoid injuries or damages that may cost money to repair/replace appliances/utensils that could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken.

Knife blocks act as an insulator between the blades and the surfaces they’re kept on because you don’t want them coming into contact with other metal objects which can cause pitting or scratching.

Knives should be stored in a vertical position so that gravity can keep their blades sharp for longer without damaging them when they fall over, which means you don’t have to waste time sharpening knives because they’ll last long enough until it’s time to replace them.

Are Knife Sets Dishwasher Safe?

Some knife sets under 200 come with individual sheaths or covers which you can use to protect the blade and keep it sharp. These covers are not always dishwasher safe so you need to check before hand if your knife set is compatible with dishwashers in case stains and odors get stuck in the knife edge and affect its cutting ability.

Before purchasing a kitchen knife set, there are some background information that one should be aware of such as how to maintain knives for longer blade usage and when knives need replacements. If guidelines on how to handle different types of knives in relation to their usage are followed than consumers will have an easier time using these products without worrying about whether they will do more damage than good to the knife set, themselves or their food.



Have you had your own choices for the best knife set under 200 dollars yet? Please remember that if you have a tight budget, there are hundreds of top-quality knife sets waiting for you. Besides that, some knife sets seem to be very exorbitant, but when you utilize them, you will realize how worth they are.

Personally, I think it would be better if you own a set of knives rather than just a single knife as a knife set offers you many types of knives such as bread knife, pizza knife, steak knives, paring knife, even a kitchen scissors or a top-quality knife sharpener. This means that you can create thousands of delicious meals with ease. And it is hard for me to find any reasons why these knife sets should be absent at your home.

Hopefully, you have been able to choose the best knife set under 200 dollars for yourself after reading my article. I strongly believe that one of all the aforementioned knife sets will satisfy your requirements. Personally, I think a knife set can support you more in your cooking journey when compared to a single knife. I am sure that an affordable knife set is perfectly ideal for both students and complete beginners of cooking learning.


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