• movie that best describes my life500 Days of Summer
  • movie star who plays me in "suite: the movie"Sarah Michelle Gellar (in her Buffy days)
  • favorite Suite Lounge libationthe cappuccino
  • best drunken requestTake a picture with us!!!!
  • most interesting encounterthe time I met Jason Segal! ohnowait...he left THREE minutes before I got there :(
  • best drunken pick up line to any one on staffCustomer:"Do you know what kind of material this is?" (points to shirt)
    Me: "Umm, cashmere?"
    Customer: "No, it's boyfriend material"
  • favorite drunken customerAnyone who walks into the black mirror...or falls down the stairs (as long as they don't actually get hurt)
  • if Suite walls could talk they would say "......"get to work!
  • "I will never forget the time when ........."..I almost didn't survive my first St. Patrick's Day with the Suite crew
  • if Suite ruled the world ........dogs would be allowed in all businesses