• movie that best describes my lifeIt's a mixture of Rounders, How High, Half Baked, Animal House, Jurrasic Park and Goonie
  • movie star who plays me in "suite: the movie"Seth Rogan
  • favorite Suite Lounge libationIs that what girls do?
  • best drunken requestYOLANDA! (nuff said)
  • most interesting encounterWhen I met Derek Jeter at Level and I asked him if he wanted a shot and he said sure, Patron, and I said "Fuck you, go Red Sox!"
  • best drunken pick up line to any one on staff(AK) "Hey Ladies, how you doing? I'm Brad Pitts brother..."
    (Ladies) "Really"
    (AK) "Yea"
    (Ladies) What's your name?
    (AK) Arm Pitt
  • favorite drunken customerBrian Rozelle, because he likes to buy bombs
  • if Suite walls could talk they would say "......"Tullamore Dew Please
  • "I will never forget the time when ........."The Cavieliers had Lebron James (Directed toward Andrew Tartara)
  • if Suite ruled the world ........A.A. stocks would go through the roof!